How To Make Someone Think Of You {5 Tips}

How To Make Someone Think Of You {5 Tips}

It’s easy for me to make someone thinks about you. All you need to do is follow the right methods. Here is the list of all effective methods that can be used. Make sure you use these along with a good first impression.

Different ways to make someone think about you more

It is the best feeling in the world when the person you fall in love with thinks about you. You feel more loved when this happens. Many obvious signs can tell you that the person is thinking about you. However, it is not possible to read the subconscious mind of the other person. But with the help of physical language, you can tell that the other person is into you. The more the other person thinks about the more he or she will get attached to you and start to crave talking and spending time with you. Here are some very effective methods for how to make someone think of you.

#1. Last conversation matters

The rule for this is to leave the last conversation on a positive note. It is hard to keep a normal relationship with the person that you are in love with but to avoid things being unforgettable and awkward between you two it is important to behave naturally. This rule works in social media conversation too. Leave the last conversation positively. So that the next time he approaches you with a good mind. This is the key point of the start of a healthy relationship.

#2. Open with him more

Lovers open up with each other

Are you don’t know how to make someone think of you? If you want to remain in another person’s mind then make sure that you share a pen and honest relationship with him/her. The opening does not mean to start talking about your depression and all. Try to avoid these conversations because they will only hurt the other person. Just share personal information with him. Like I like the same book that you were reading and all. Just start with a simple basic conversation. Also, try to listen to him/her too. Since the atmosphere and if he wants to share something then let him be.  You do not need to have everything common in between you.

#3. Do thoughtful things and make someone think you

If you want to plant a seed of love and affection for you into his heart. Then do something that matters to him the most. If he is into music then give him his favourite instrument and all. By doing this you will make him think about you more. He will feel comfortable around you. It is all about making the other person feel good about his choices. This way he will become more open with you and hence your relationship with each other will become stronger and deeper.

#4. Make them laugh

Lovers laugh at jokes

The best way to make new friends and relationships is to make the other person laugh. The more they will laugh the more they will miss you and think about you. Imagine if you are making someone laugh and one day he is feeling low. Then who will he think about? Of course, it will be you. So to be with people, it is important to make them laugh. Make sure that you are not using mean jokes to do this. Be natural and do the natural jokes. Also the more another person laughs the more he or she will feel comfortable around you.  So always keep the positive energy around you. Because positive attracts the most.

#5. Play with his mind

Fragrances have a strong correlation with memories. If a person smells a certain smell during a memorable time then when he encounters the same smell he thinks about the same memory again. So if you are going out with him then use a good quality fragrance. This will make you remain in his memories for a long time. This is a proven fact that fragrances alter old memories. It is suggested to use a mild,  calming fragrance. In today’s world, you can find any desired fragrance easily. So try to find the perfect smell before going out with him.


In conclusion, it is easy to be in someone’s memories. All you need to do is do the right thing at the right time. Here is the list of such things that’ll make someone think of you unconditionally. However, along with all these the first impression matters the most. If you are meeting with someone for the first time then make sure to do your best with your physical language. Hope you will find this helpful.

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