How To Make Sad Sushi Happy | John Saddington Technique

Feature Image- How To Make Sad Sushi Happy | John Saddington Technique

Sad sushi roll is a cartoon illustration. This is very popular among couples and here is the whole explanation of the illustration. to get a better understanding of the sushi rill concept.

Different ways to be happy & How to make sad sushi happy?

Of course, Everyone has different ways to act sad. Some try to avoid these situations while some just cry their heart out. So, everyone has different criteria for handling pain. The fact is that we cannot see our loved ones sad. We try everything that can make them happy and lift their mood. However, some people just avoid human contact during the low moments of their life. There is a concept of a happy sushi roll. John Saddington wrote this. These are cartoon sweet illustrations of how to make a sad person happy. That sad person can be anyone important in your life.

In fact, This is a ten-step process of how to make sad sushi happy.

Step-1: Blanket

In this step, the caretaker person took a blanket out. Hopefully a soft and comfy one. This could be the favourite blanket of the sad person. So, he brings that blanket for her. He lays the blanket on the floor or says bed.

Step-2: The sad person

In the next illusion, he brings the sad person in his lap. He gently lifts her. whereas she was obviously resisting and because of the sadness, she was crying but still, he lifts her. Now he takes her towards the blanket.

Step-3: On the blanket

Now he puts her on the blanket. He keeps her very gently on the blanket. Importantly he makes sure that she does not get hurt anywhere.

Step-4: Roll them like a sushi

To make the sad sushi happy he first prepares the sushi. By rolling the girl into the blanket. This resembles sushi hence the author names this sad sushi. He rolls her until the very end of the blanket that was placed on the bed.

Step-5: Keep sad sushi on the couch

In the next step, he carefully lifts the sushi roll and keeps her on the couch near him. The main reason to make it like a sushi roll is so that she can not resist him.

Step-6: Hugging

Now the male cartoon character is hugging the sad sushi roll very tightly and affectionately. Hugging from the back and also whipping her tears. As a result, she is feeling good.

Step-7: Favourite movie

Now to distract her from the sadness and all negative vibes he puts on her favourite movie. Maybe it was her favourite series.

Step-8: Feeding

For some people, food is like heaven and they use food to come out from their sadness. So she is. He feeds her with her favourite snacks including popcorn and other stuff. Food can distract us from bad things. We almost forget everything as soon as we say our favourite food. The same concept is acting here.

Step-9: Keep her hydrated

The crying makes us very dehydrated. We lose a lot of water in the form of tears. So, he makes sure that she remains hydrated. So, he let her drink some soft drinks in between the snacks to keep her hydrated.

Step-10: Happy sushi roll

In the last step, the cartoonist demonstrated that after having all the above-pampered sessions the sad person becomes happy. And now she is a happy sushi roll.

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