How To Make Instagram Story Picture Longer Than 5 Seconds?

How To Make Instagram Story Picture Longer Than 5 Seconds

Instagram stories are the best way to share your day with your followers. But these stories are up only for 24 hours. The worst thing is that the Instagram story will not remain still more than 5 seconds. And for some people, this time is very little to show their pictures to their friends. Or if you want to show off something then this time will not be enough. So here is the guide on how to make an Instagram story picture longer than 5 seconds. This will help you to place your story for more than 5 seconds on Instagram.

There are various ways to do this. So you can increase the length in a lot of different ways. These ways will sure to make your story stand out from all other stories. So that people will able to interact with your stories more.

Basic About The Instagram Story

The basic about Instagram stories is important to know before diving into any other process. When you open your Instagram app, you see a plus sign with your picture on the top left-hand side of the app. This is where you put your Instagram stories.

If you do not want to post anything by still want to show that to your friends then you can use this feature. It helps in sharing the small and big moments with your family and friends on Instagram.

Tips For How To Make An Instagram Story Picture Longer Than 5 Seconds

Here are the tips that you can use to do this process. Make sure that you try all. All of these work and select the best tip that suits your style with the Instagram story.

#1. Using the Slow-Motion Feature

One creative way to extend the duration of your Instagram Story pictures is by using the slow-motion feature on your smartphone’s camera.

  1. Before capturing the photo, navigate to your camera settings and select the slow-motion option.
  2. Once enabled, capture your desired shot, and when you upload it to your Instagram Story, the slow-motion effect will naturally prolong the picture’s display time.

This technique adds a captivating touch to your stories, allowing your audience to savor the details of your image.

#2. Utilizing the Boomerang App

The Boomerang app, developed by Instagram, offers a fun and quirky way to extend the duration of your Story pictures.

  1. Boomerang creates looping videos that play forward and backward, and you can use this feature to your advantage.
  2. Capture a Boomerang of your photo, and when you upload it to your Story, the looping effect will naturally extend the visual experience beyond the typical 5-second limit.

This method not only adds a dynamic element to your Story but also gives your audience more time to appreciate the content.

#3. Put A song On Your Story

You can make your story longer with the help of songs. So add songs with your picture on the Instagram stories.

  1. You can select the song that you like with your picture.
  2. Select the duration of the song. The maximum duration for those songs is 15 seconds.
  3. These songs also make the story attractive with the songs.

The right song on the right picture will make the picture look more attractive.


In conclusion, Here is the guide for how to make an Instagram story picture longer than 5 seconds. The various ways to do this process are mentioned here. Not many people know about these features.

These features are not completely unknown to you. So by using the right feature, you will be able to increase the interaction of the audience with your story.

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