How To Make Film Strip Projector {Help Guide}

How To Make Film Strip Projector - Help Guide

In this article, you will learn how a film strip projector. All the related information is mentioned here. You can use this guide to start your projector. There are many different advantages of the film strip project and all of these are mentioned here.

To Learn How To Make A Film Strip Projector

A film strip projector works very complicatedly. The first film and slide projectors were developed in 1925. Back then a 33mm film strip was used in the filmstrip. Since then the world has changed a lot. And so the film strip projectors. If you are trying to build a film strip projector then remember that it is a very complicated process. So you might fail in the first few attempts. But do not get your confidence down with all this.

Here is an easy tutorial for how to make a film strip projector. In the old times, the film used to be only black and white. But by adding color to the films the number of other instruments has increased in the film strip projector.

What Is A Film Strip Projector?

In this projector slide film strip is placed vertically in the apparatus. And it consists of many static pictures. That is then used to demonstrate pictures. There are chances when the film stripes were placed horizontally as well. The projector appears to need to feed the film continuously. Once the film strip stops it will stop depicting the pictures as well. In the working of the film projector, 2-3 people are needed. Not one person can do the film projection alone.

Making Of Film Strip Projector

Here are the steps that you will need to follow to make the film strip projector. Make sure that you follow all the steps as it is. Because the chances of making a mistake are very high.

  • First, you will need to locate the front reel mound. When you turn the projector towards you, you will see the lens. A little above the lens is where the front reel mound is located.
  • Now you have to find the rear wheel mount. You will find this behind the lens and the front reel mount. You will also see the empty reel space near that. So it is comparatively easy to find this. Because there are obvious signs to look for.
  • Now all you need to do is feed the projector with the film. You have to adjust the film strip according to the scenes and the requirements. So the orientation of the film strip changes according to the work.
  • Now adjust the focus of the film. This is the most time-consuming step. You have to try several times to get a good focus on the projector. Because the picture quality will depend on the focus.
  • Now play the role button. As soon as you will play the role button the film strip will begin to move and the picture will start on the projector. If you have misplaced the filmstrip then the images will stop. Then you have to do the process again.

This is the whole process of the filmstrip. And this is how you can make the film strips work. There is no other method to do film strip projection. So try not to follow any other method. you can take help from anyone if you are trying this for the first time. Because you might get confused about the different apparatus parts’ names. So it is important to take help.

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Advantages Of The Film Strip Projectors

Although the technique is old it’s very effective in many cases. Here is the list of advantages that you will receive by using the film strip projector.

  • It is the best way to give your presentation. The picture quality does not decrease.
  • Helps you give a steady presentation.
  • The equipment used for the projector is comparatively cheap. And you can easily carry a film strip projector from one place to another.
  • For the other projections, the room needs to be completely dark. But it is not the case with the film strip projector. Because even if the room is light enough you will see the images.
  • If you have the recorded video then you will get the best result in the video. The sound quality and the picture quality will come as best.

So all these are the benefits of the film strip projector. The equipment is not very expensive. Also, you can set the price according to your use.

The Average Price Of A Film Strip Projector

The price of the film strip projector varies a lot. It depends on a lot of factors. Talking about the average range for the film strip projectors, you can get the projectors between $250 to $500. It is the minimum and maximum limit for the film strip projectors. You can also buy second-hand projectors at a much cheaper price.


In conclusion, here is how the film strip projectors work. All the information about the film strip projector is present here. You can use this as a guide to starting your projector. Make sure that you keep all the safety measures in mind.

Also, the price of the film strip projectors will vary. So you can not assign a number for the price. You can look online to get a good discount on film strip projectors.

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