How To Make File Backlinks On Mac OS Finder?

How To Make File Backlinks On Mac OS Finder

When you start a website, backlinks play a vital role in SEO and it improves the popularity of your site. By the way, today we will discuss how to make file backlinks on MAC Operating System(OS) finder. We all know that backlinks are widely used on every website. Without them imagining a website will be difficult. There are different methods to attack file backlinks on a website.

File backlinks on mac finder

It is a fact that Internet usage is widespread and it is used in every country of the world. We all read blogs, visit different websites and use many applications that run through the internet. Slowly the internet has become a major part of our lives. Life is nearly impossible without that nowadays. Many small things sum up and make the internet. Like websites, search engines, applications, web browsers, and much more. One of the most commonly used things on a website is backlinks.

Backlinks are used in every website; it is very difficult to imagine a website without backlinks. Of course, let’s first look at what backlinks are before we delve deeper into this topic.


When you visit a website then sometimes you notice some words that are written in blue color or different styles. When you click on that word or sentence that takes you to another website or file or folder, these words and designs are connected to other links, and they are known as backlinks. Every website uses them.

Now, many people will ask why they are that much crucial in a website. We will answer that too.

Importance of backlinks

We can barely imagine a website without backlinks in it. As a matter of fact, a website means consists of many interactive web pages, and these web pages together make a perfect website. To reach another web page we need some backlinks. These backlinks do very powerful work to connect web pages within a website.

Of course, when we want to download a file from the internet then it’s so simple and easy. All we need to do is simply click on a link and downloading progress starts without any trouble. We download different things like software, music, videos, movies, and many other files. Backlink attaches them to a website. That’s the reason why backlink is a very powerful tool. Now, you have an idea why they are so helpful. And why it is very difficult to imagine any website without them. You can take the example of any big website, all of them have backlinks.

Different backlinks

Backlinks work differently on different devices. Also, the process of generating backlinks depends on which device you are working on. For example, there are different methods for android, mac, and windows. It all depends on which type of device you are using there.

Now, most people know how to work on android or windows so, they get confused about how to work on mac. So, now we will answer how to make file backlinks on mac OS finder.

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How to create file backlinks with mac os finder?

There are different steps that you will use to generate backlinks using the mac OS finder. It is very helpful to generate backlinks on your mac.

  • First of all, all you need to do is just open the finder.
  • Then, you have to select the appropriate file that you want to link here.
  • It will show you files on your mac.
  • Next, You can select a file from the file browser, or else you can search for them too.
  • After that, you have to go to the general section.
  • In the general section, you will have the option of spotlighting comments.
  • Then there you need to type “ This file is a backlink to: “and then you have to click the OK button and your backlink for the specific file is created. You can easily create a symbolic link on your mac too.

So, this was the process to create backlinks on mac OS. After that, you can easily add links using some keyboard shortcuts. Now, many people ask why finders?

Why finder?

Finder allows you to easily add links to your website and organize your files in a good manner. With its help, you can easily find files on your mac. You have a good and easy interface and a pop-up menu. When you will install this the finder window will appear on your home screen. Users can also organize their file backlinks through this. It also uses different icons and windows too to show the contents of files on your storage device. This thing also makes it special.

So, it is very helpful in many ways. If you are thinking of putting backlinks on your website then Mac OS finder can be very useful for you.


Here we talked about how backlinks work and what they are. There are different methods to attach backlinks to your websites and you can use any of them which is suitable for you. Mac OS finder can be a very good option for you to attach files to your website or to organize your files. Other than that there are different steps that you had to follow to attach backlinks or files to your website. We have to say that it is beneficial and easy for us to create backlinks using mac finder.

So, we talked about mac finders. All involved steps are also there. If you have some more doubts about making backlinks MAC os finder topic then mention them in the comment section.

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