How to make fake Tweets

How to make fake Tweets

We are sometimes in search of some fun activities. Now you can amaze your friend with fake tweets. You can even imitate celebrities and trick your friends with them. You can upload a fake picture of yours or your friend, write as many messages as you want, create fake twitter posts with the fake tweet generator. This article will give a complete step by step methodology on how to make fake tweets.

How to make fake Tweets: step by step

The way to create fake tweets is really simple and not any kind of rocket science. The steps to create is are as follows-

Step 1 You will need to install mainly two applications namely twitter and photo editor app. In this article, I will suggest Pixar which is a free application. However, you can use an application based on your choice.

Twitter installation

   picsart photo app

Step 2- Open your twitter account and search for the account which you want to fake. Open any of the tweets and take a screenshot of that particular tweet. It does not matter which tweet you are opening.  You will also need to take the screenshot of the fake tweet which you want to post with someone else’s name.

Take Twitter Screenshot for others

Step 3-Now open the Pixar application. Click on the screenshot that you want to put on someone else’s name.

Step 4- Go to add photos and select the screenshot of the other twitter account. Crop the name of the twitter account, for which you want to make a fake tweet.

Add photos to Picsart application Edit existing twitter picture

Step 5- Resize the cropped photo and place it in the fake tweet. Now you can save it or even screenshot your fake tweet.

Resize and saved cropped twitter photos


These steps are not so hard, and you can easily figure it out. There is also another option to download an app for making fake tweets. However, if you download applications for fake tweets generator then you will get a lot of ads. On the other hand, the font that tweeter use will not be the same. So, this is one of the best and easiest ways for creating fake tweets.

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