How To Make Dear Daniel A Resident?

How to make dear daniel a resident
How to make dear daniel a resident

If you are a fan of Hello kitty adventure island, you would have a question “How to make dear daniel a resident”. You might find Dear Daniel, also known as Daniel Starr, in-game at the Big Ben Tower in HKO. But in order to get to him, you would first need to finish a mission to locate the key that would open the tower. Daniel will then give you a few missions. He’s also somewhere, having fun and issuing tasks at the Dream Carnival.

Apart from the long-term inhabitants of Sanrio characters, anybody who fulfills specific qualifications can also visit Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Someone may stop by once you begin renovating the various homes on the island. But each person has different preferences for the cabin they will be staying in, therefore certain types of food or furnishings will be provided.

It may also entail verifying whether a home is available in a certain neighborhood. Additionally, generally speaking, having several cabins prepared and a four-star island rating might be helpful as well as important! For the Hello Kitty Island Adventure cabins, Azuki, Cappuccino, Chiffon, Dear Daniel, and Mimmy, this is what you need.

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Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is already a thriving community full of friendliness because there are so many adorable people living there. But there’s always room for new pals. The quest to welcome guests is rather simple. In our Hello Kitty Island Adventure guide, we’ll walk you through every step of the process to answer how to make dear daniel a resident.

About Daniel Starr

Born on May 3rd in London, Daniel Starr is a “Taurus” who is sensitive and a little naive. His parents and younger brother make up his family. He is conscious of how he appears and what he wears; he enjoys wearing fashionable attire and sporting spiky fringe. Dear daniel enjoys dancing and taking pictures of animals.

He hopes to work as a cameraman or perhaps make his television debut. Daniel also enjoys eating yogurt and cheesecake and is a proficient pianist. Daniel is amazed by the littlest things.

Among Hello Kitty’s closest pals is Daniel. They share the same birthday, have known one another since they were infants, and appear to be a good match. However, Daniel had to accompany his father, a photographer, to Africa after a longer period of time.

They traveled the world together until Daniel left New York to go back to Kitty Island Adventure Visitors. Sanrio designers came up with the idea for Dear Daniel’s persona in 1999.

How To Make Dear Daniel A Resident?

So, now we know who dear daniel is and everything about him but how to make dear daniel a resident? My Melody clarifies that in order for anyone to visit, there are a few requirements. All that Dear Daniel needs is a cabin close to Hello Kitty and three pieces of furniture for the cabin.

Since Rainbow Reef is close to Hello Kitty, you should be familiar with the location. As for the three pieces of furniture, you can either buy anything from My Melody’s shop or use what you already have. Tell My Melody that you have decorated with the three pieces of furniture when you get back to her.

Depending on who’s coming, this can be different, but in our case, Dear Daniel showed up the day after we had his house ready. My Melody will let you know that your visitor has arrived when you log in again. After that, you can talk to them and possibly receive a present from them, or you can read the notice board outside My Melody’s store to find out about a special mission.

In order to move Dear Daniel into a visitor, it needs to fulfill the following specifications:

  1. Seaside Resort is required. A beach resort will be next to Hello Kitty.
  2. Three pieces of furniture are a must.

By clicking on the mobile phone to open Applications and choosing the Visitors area, you may verify the requirements at any point while playing the game. You can choose a character to see what they desire, even if all you can see of them is their silhouette.


In addition to the permanent residents of Sanrio characters, Hello Kitty Island Adventure game is open to anyone who meets certain requirements. Once you start remodeling the island’s numerous dwellings, someone might pay you a visit.

However, since every guest has different tastes when it comes to the kind of cabin they will be staying in, particular meals or furnishings will be offered. We have explored and now know how to make dear daniel a resident so we can easily make him visit in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Following the Yellow Power Crystals collection quest that opens the bridge north of Resort Plaza, Dear Daniel arrives as a tutorial character for cabin rehabilitation.

Because all he wants is to be in the Seaside Resort area and have three pieces of furniture, he is also the simplest to please.

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