How to make a taurus man regret losing you {6 Ways}

How to make a taurus man regret losing you {6 Ways}

Taurus men are tough and stubborn. Hence it is not easy to make him regret their decision. but there are some very effective proven tips that can make your Taurus man regret his decision of losing you. Follow these step by step and see the good results.

6 ways to make Taurus man regret losing you

Taurus zodiac sign

The Taurus zodiac sign is ruled by Venus. Hence Taurus guys are tough, stubborn, and sometimes very rude. First, it is tough to mend the relationship with the Taurus man. But if you already have a relationship with him then it will be hard for a Taurus man to regret losing you. But hitting on the weak points we can make this easy. So here are some best and most effective tips for how to make a tutus man regret losing you.

These tips will hit on the right spot. and you will be able to make him regret losing you. But remember that you should not show the obvious signs. Play your game silently and wait for the results.

#1. Show your achievements

Taurus men fall in love easily with a person who is hardworking and persistent in her work. There are chances that you do not want to go out and do anything. But trust me this will work. He may not emotionally connect with you but he will praise your achievement. Use social media as your weapon. Post your achievements there. It should just be something that will help in your growth. This will make him regret his decision.

#2. Remain loyal & make a Taurus man regret losing you

Keep Loyal and make a taurus man regret losing you

Some people start a new relationship as soon as they end the previous one. But if you make Taurus men feel regretted then you should have some patience. It is important that you remain loyal to him despite the breakup. This will take a long time but this will work for sure. Do not try to make him jealous. Evey zodiac signs are different and their nature is different too. So if you really wanna make a Taurus man regret losing you then do not make him jealous. If you do this then he will think his decision is right. Although it felt so good, do not do this with him.

#3. Make him remember the good times

Taurus sign mostly likes the Sagittarius women. Because these women are confident, loving, and emotionally strong.  These are some features that drive him crazy. Try to bring the old memories in front of him. Do not make it obvious that you are missing him or something. Just show him the picture and video and say “hey look what I come across”. When he remembers the good old days filled with joy and happiness. Then he will regret losing you. Because Taurus men do not find love easily. so try to connect emotionally with him.

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#4. Keep his secret

Always keep taurus man secrets

Taurus man secrets could be your best weapon in the game of making him regret losing you. Make sure that he tells you some of his secrets during your relationship time. After a breakup, he will approach you not to tell those secrets to anyone and all. Just make him sure that you will not tell anyone. And you have to keep that secret safe with you. This way he will respect you more and he will regret that he lost the right person. Does not take any relationship advice from his friends. Because they can easily sense that. And this will only make him go away from you. So avoid doing this.

#5. Stick around him

If you really wanna make a regret losing yourself, then do not go away from his life permanently. Try to stick around. Taurus’s sign is very stubborn so the chances of him being romantic are very less. Do not force a romantic relationship with him. Instead, try to make him a friend again. Do not let him completely forget about you. Go on group outings like coffee and lunch outing sessions. The more he will become comfortable around you the more he will regret losing you. Also if you still have feelings for him then do not show them.

#6. Take out your best dress

Beautiful women with good dress

Taurus men are very fond of beauty. They easily attract beautiful women. Do not try to wear a very revealing or very trendy outfit. Just choose the one that will look best on you. Make sure you catch his eyes. So do not make him feel that you are ready for him, just be casual. And talk with people. try to put on his favourite colour. This will make him notice you quickly. Taurus men have attracted more towards natural beauty so do not put on much makeup. Take good photos in the most simple poses and post them on social media. He will start thinking about you again and will regret losing you.


In conclusion, Taurus men are tough and remain their decision firm. So it is very hard to make him regret losing you. But everyone has some weaknesses. If you will hit on the weak points again and again and there is a chance that you will win. Above all are some common weak points of every Taurus man. However, there are chances that these will not work on your man. Because every person has a different personality. But give them a try because they are effective in 80% of the cases.

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