How To Make a Gun in Little Alchemy- Simple Guide

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In this article, We’ll learn the step by step instructions for how to make a gun in Little alchemy. Of course, Little alchemy is an online game About creating objects from the source material. It is fun entertainment for both kids and adults. The web game can be also played on Android and IOS Phones. But you can also play the game directly from your browser. It is a fun and easy game and is available for free. There are in total 580 levels in the game.

A step-by-step method to make a gun in little alchemy

Step-1: Add Earth and Fire to Create Lava

Image to add earth to fire and create lava

Step-2: Add Air and Earth to Create Dust

Image to add Air & Earth in order to create dust

Step-3: Add Dust and Fire to Create Gunpowder

Image to add Dust & Fire in order to create Gunpowder

Step-4: Add Air and Lava to Create Stone

Image to add Air & Lava in order to create stone

Step-5: Add Fire and Stone to Create Metal

Image to add Fire & Stone in order to create Metal

Step-6: Add Gunpowder and Metal to Create Bullet

Image to add Gunpowder & Metal in order to create Bullet

Step-7: Add Bullet and Metal to Create Gun

Image to add Bullet & Metal in order to create Gun

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