How To Make A Female Squirt – 4 Different Ways

How To Make A Female Squirt - 4 Different Ways

Female orgasm is also known as squirting. And the most common question regarding female squirt is how to make a female squirt. Female orgasm is a very complex thing. Not only men but many females find it hard to understand. And if you are not aware of the right ways, You will end up being lost.

Both men and women need to know more about the female squirt. Because male orgasms are simple. But on the other hand, the female body is complex and so do the orgasms. So you cannot make her cum by using the same trick again and again. And also you can not apply the male orgasm tips to a female.

So what is the actual process for how to make a female squirt?

Before diving into the actual process, It’s essential to understand the basics. If your basics are not clear then you can not understand other things. So we are explaining the basics of female squirt. Female squirt, or female ejaculation, refers to the release of a noticeable amount of fluid from the female urethra during sexual arousal or orgasm.

Unlike regular vaginal lubrication, which is a common response to sexual stimulation. Female ejaculation involves a more substantial release of fluid, often expelled forcefully. This fluid is not urine. However, the misconception persists due to the proximity of the urethra and the similarities in fluid composition.

A common misconception regarding female squirt

There are many misconceptions related to the female squirt. And these misconceptions will only create problems. Hence it is very important to clear these misconceptions first.

  1. Some people think that squirt and orgasm happen simultaneously but squirting in females is not the sign of orgasm. Hence for the male partner, it is essential to understand this difference.
  2. Remember that not every woman squirts. So never try to make her squirt forcefully. Because this does not happen with every female.
  3. Orgasms are a common thing in every female. But squirting is not common.
  4. Some people think that the discharge that comes in squirt is urine. However, the composition of urine is completely different from the squirt discharge.
  5. So there is a difference between the urine and the squirt discharge.

How To Make A Female Squirt – 4 Different Ways To Achieve

Here are different ways that you can try sex squirting with your partner. But before doing any of these, It is important to get your partner’s consent before making her squirt. Make her understand what you’re trying to do and what pleasure will she get. And if she agrees with that only then do all these things with her.

#1. G-Spot Stimulation

Many people underestimate the power of G-Spot. And it is because there are a lot of misconceptions about the G spot. The G spot is located inside the vagina toward the belly. At least 2 inches in the inner upper part. You can reach till that point with the help of a sex doll/toy or a finger. If you have no idea then finger will be best to explore that spot.

If you will stimulate that point again and again then the other person will feel pleasure. And in that process, she will squirt. However, always remember that if she is squirting it does not mean that it was good sex. But if you are hit at the right G-spot then you can turn it into good sex.

#2. Do Not Penetrate

One of the prime rules to make her squirt is not to penetrate. The moment you penetrate, the squirting will not happen. And it will move towards the orgasms. So never penetrate if you want to squirt. You can use your finger to penetrate the vagina. But not the penis. Avoid doing this as much as you can. And it simply means that you have to increase your foreplay time.

#3. Clitoris Stimulation

Another method that can help in squirting is clitoris stimulation. You can use your tongue and your fingers to stimulate her clitoris. If you have no idea about G spot then it is ok. Everyone is aware of the clitoris. So stimulate the clitoris without giving her any break. So if you don’t know how to make a female squirt then follow this method.

#4. Use the magic of the tongue

Your tongue can be magic down there. But before doing this, you need your partner’s consent. Because not everyone likes this. So if your partner is comfortable then you can use your tongue to stimulate the clitoris. This helps in making her squirt faster than any other method.

Things to consider while making her squirt

  1. It’s crucial to emphasize that not all women are interested in or comfortable with exploring female ejaculation.
  2. Sexual experiences are highly individual, and preferences vary widely.
  3. It’s essential to prioritize consent, communication, and the emotional well-being of all parties involved.
  4. If a woman expresses a desire to explore this aspect of her sexuality, it’s equally important to approach the experience with an open mind, patience, and a focus on mutual pleasure.
  5. Creating a safe and non-judgmental space is fundamental to fostering positive sexual satisfaction.


Here is the answer to the most complicated question how to make a female squirt. Female orgasm is hard to attain. And some males confuse orgasm with squirting. And attaining squirting is also not easy. You have to follow the right technique.

Here are different ways that you can try with your partner for this. We have tried to clear many misconceptions related to squirting. Hope these will help you to understand the concept of female squirt better.

Many people think that if they are making her squirt then it means she is attaining orgasm too. But squirting and orgasm are two different things. And these two might come and might not come together.

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