5 Tips To Make $500 A Week With Doordash

To Make $500 A Week With Doordash

Doordash is the most popular delivery service these days. Almost every household is using Doordash. Because of its fast delivery and other benefits. So a lot of people took the opportunity to earn some extra money from Doordash. You can use Doordash as a side hustle and can earn a lot in a week through this platform. So here is the tutorial for how to make $500 a week with Doordash.

The money that you make here depends on your working hours and the time you gave to doordash. So for some people, this amount is more, and for some this amount is huge. But you can maximize your earning on this platform very quickly. Here is more on this topic. 

What Is Doordash?

DoorDash Food delivery application

As a matter of fact, Doordash is just like other food delivery apps. This app delivers the goods from the owner to the customer within a minimum time limit. The areas of the Doordash are limited to 6 km. So the Doordash drivers can reach their destinations very quickly.

This app was launched during the covid period and since then people are loving its performance. This app is mainly for groceries and the delivery distance can maximum of 30 km. But then the time of the delivery will increase. Because the driver will take time to reach your location.

How To Make $500 A Week With Doordash {5 Working Tips}

Here are some tips that you can use to earn more on Doordash. If you will follow all then there is a high chance that you will be able to earn $500 in a week. These tips are very effective. However, you can make suitable changes according to your work and all. 

#1. Understand The Weak Theory

Understand the week theory

You have to understand the weak theory to work on Doordash. It is always a good option to work on weekends. Because more people like to order and try to cook something new on weekends. Hence the work is more during weekends. While on the other hand, the business is really slow on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Although on the other days of the weekend, you will get average orders. So weekends are a good option to make a lot of money. On the weekends dinner time and lunch time is the most busy. So you have to focus on these time slots and days. 

If you want to take a day off hence you can use Tuesday and Wednesday because the business is already slowing these days. And it will not affect your income much even if you skip these days. So it is very important to work according to the time when you get the most and the least orders. Because this way you can do more than expected.

#2. Work According To Strategy

Work according to the strategy

You have to work with a strategy. For example, if you are getting an order but the location is far you should accept that order. Because the large will be the order the more revenue you will earn. Even if you will be going for a long distance you will earn more. But if you will choose a small order with small revenge in a short location.

Then there is a high chance that you will lose your chance to accept the large order. So keep this strategy in mind while accepting orders. these will help you understand how to make money $500 a week with Doordash.

#3. Choose The Delivery Area Wisely

Choose the delivery area wisely

You have to select one area from where you will receive more orders. As soon as you will start working on doordash you will get an idea about these areas. So make sure that you keep these areas as your target areas. If you are delivering an order and then return from the area without getting any order then it will be a waste of time.

So always check the location in which you are delivering. This will help you in saving some time and energy for yourself. Areas with high populations have more chances to get the orders. Do not go into the office area because there will be no chance of getting any Doordash deliver orders. 

#4. Use Different Apps That Helps To Make $500 A Week

Use Different Apps That Helps To Make $500 A Week

Many apps have collaborated with Doordash. So even if someone is not ordering from Doordash yet Doordash will be responsible for the delivery. It is advised to use all these apps. The more apps you will use the more chance you will get to receive the orders.

These apps are easy to use so all you have to do is log in with these apps and look for the order. Remember that if you are using these apps then you have to be very active on these platforms during working hours. 

#5. Doordash Collaborated Apps

Doordash Collaborated Apps

Here is a list of the best delivery apps that have collaborated with Doordash. These apps are famous for online food ordering or grocery ordering. So if you’re using these apps then you will get a variety of orders. You are all right to choose and decline the orders.

The list of such apps is as follows:

All these will help you in getting more money from your Doordash account. Also, it is very easy to use these apps. Even if you are a beginner with these apps you will easily understand the interface and earn money easily.

So make sure that you register yourself on these apps. This is how to make $500 a week with Doordash by collaborating with other apps.

Why Doordash Is Best Among All The Delivery Service Platforms?

Doordash is among the best delivery service platforms. This service platform has been launched recently.  And due to its best policies, it became famous. Here are some of the benefits that you will get by working with Doordash. These benefits make the Doordash different from any other platform.

  1. On Doordash, you get weekly payments instead of monthly payments. So you do not have to wait for the whole month for the payments.
  2. It is easy to get the Doordash payment as all you need is a working bank account.
  3. The money is transferred between 2-3 days.
  4. You can also work part-time here. And there is no limit to the working hours. You can adjust the working hours according to you. 

it is not impossible to earn $500 a week from Doordash.


In conclusion, here is how to make $500 a week with Doordash. Here are all the tips that you can use to earn more on Doordash. If you will work here with a strategy then you can earn as much as you want here.

You do not have to work long hours on Doordash. But you have to work smartly on this platform. This platform has been growing and will continue to grow in the coming years. So make sure that you give it a try for some extra earnings. 

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