How To Live As a Bootleg Healer?

How To Live As a Bootleg Healer

Manga are very famous these days. People all around the world love to read these stories. Most of the stories are fictional and contain supernatural content. But these days the most trending mang is how to live as a bootleg healer. It is one of those stories that has been loved by all generations of people.

Here we will discuss more information about this manga. And if you are interested in knowing more deeply about this storyline then you are at the right place.

Overview Of How To Live As a Bootleg Healer Manga

The name of the main lead of this manga is Kang Seunghyun. He lives in Korea. But one day his life changed as he woke up to an unknown continent. He was confused and didn’t know what was happening.

He entered a fantasy world and he has the role of healer there. The story is all about his journey. How did he settle himself down in that world? The story is still ongoing and there is a lot more to explore in this story.

Alternative Name And Genre Of How To Live As A Bootleg Healer?

There are alternative names for this manga. If you are not finding it with this name then you can try filing with the alternative name. The alternative name of this manga is How to Live as an Unlicensed Healer.

However, if you’re looking for a fantasy love story then this is not for you. Because of the genre of this mang misadventure, fantasy and action. There is no love angle in this manga. So you will not find any love scenes and all here.

About Episodes

There are many episodes of this manga. Currently, Only 25 episodes are out. The first chapter came out on April 28, 2023. And since then people have loved this manga. It is among those mangas that might have a season two because of its popularity.

However, there is no confirmation yet. The latest episode came out recently. and people love that episode a lot. the latest episode is the 25th episode. hope you all will find this helpful.

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