How To Know If Your Girlfriend Thinks You’re Small?

How To Know If Your Girlfriend Thinks You're Small

Relationships are complex. And it is all because of the feelings that are involved in the relationship. Anxiety is one such feeling. And it can arise in many ways. But from a boy’s perspective, the easiest way to be anxious is when your girlfriend thinks that you are small. Here is the guide on how you know if your girlfriend thinks you’re small. You can easily tell this.

All you have to do is observe some signs. It is essential to understand that insecurities about the sizes are the most common. And no boy is different regarding this. So one should treat this matter with a little sensitivity because it can hurt the other person a lot.

Basics About The Insecurity Attached To The Small Size

Before going into any process, it is essential to understand the basics of these insecurities. Men may worry about various aspects, including height, physique, and, yes, even intimate dimensions. These concerns often stem from societal expectations, media influences, and personal insecurities, making it essential to approach the topic with empathy and open communication.

So it’s easy for men to become concerned about their size. Lack of confidence and social anxiety are some of the common problems associated with this. And in some cases, men even have to take the therapy.

How To Know Exactly That Your Partner Thinks You Are Small In Size?

There are certain ways that you can check this. If your girlfriend thinks that you’re too small for her. Then it will become obvious from her body language and actions and all you have to do is notice those.

It will not take much time for you to understand that she thinks you’re small. Make sure that you check for all these signs. And do not get confused in the process.

Notice The Body Language During Intimate Moments

Communication is not always through words but your body says a lot. Here you have to notice the body language of your girlfriend while getting intimate. If she positions herself during getting intimate she seems comfortable and happy then this is a good sign. But on the other hand, if she feels distant or feeling lost in the moment then it means she does not think that you are enough for her.

There are other signs as well. If she makes eye contact with you during intimate moments. But if she avoids having eye contact then it is not a good sign.

Avoids The Intimate Situation

Another big sign is if she avoids getting into a physical relationship with you. It directly means that she does not like it. And she thinks that you are not for you. Also if this happens one or two times then it may be because of some stress and all.

But if this happens constantly for a long time then it directly indicates this. You can communicate this with her and try to know her perspective.

Verbal Clues

Try to engage your girlfriend in the conversation of sex and then lead that conversation towards the sizes. This way you will get to know her point of view on the size. And then try to ask her what she thinks about your size and all. If you get a satisfactory answer then it is well and good. But if you are getting mixed answers then she thinks that you are smaller than her expectations.

This way with direct communication, you can clarify this thing. Because if you feel that she thinks you are small then you should get the clarification on this topic as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will remain conscious the whole time you and her will get intimate.

Addressing Misconceptions Regarding The Sizes

There are many misconceptions regarding the size of men. Because real life is very different from porn. And other than porn many factors can create this misconception. So it is essential to communicate with her about these misconception-creating topics:

Separate Fact From Fiction

Insecurities often arise from misconceptions and comparisons with societal standards. It’s essential to recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all definition of attractiveness. Each person’s preferences are unique, and what matters most is the compatibility and connection between partners. 

Your girlfriend should have a good understanding of this otherwise your role should be very important in making her understand the simple concept of measurements regarding the sizes.

Media Influence

The media have created a standard for everything and so with the penis sizes of men. You have to make your girlfriend understand that the sizes in the advertisements and real life are not similar. And the more you will avoid the media influence the more it will be easy for both of you.

Building Confidence

Confidence is attractive, and building self-confidence can significantly impact how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you.  A confident demeanor will not only benefit your self-esteem but also positively influence how your girlfriend sees you. So these are the ways you know if your girlfriend thinks you’re small!

How To Tackle This Problem With Dignity And Grace?

There are many ways to tackle this problem. If your girlfriend thinks that you are small then the best way is direct communication. You have to make her understand that real life is very different from porn. However, if you want to make some effort then you can change the foreplay techniques. Because foreplay enhances sexual intimacy

Another thing that can arise in this situation is comparison to try to remove all the factors that are creating the compromise between the sizes. Whether it is porn or the past relationships.


In conclusion, here is the guide on how you know if your girlfriend thinks you’re small. There are many ways to do this. And all of those tricks are mentioned here. You can try them all. Also, it is important to tackle this issue with her. Otherwise, it will create more confusion.

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