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How to Know if a Crystal is Real – 9 Easy Ways

How to Know if a Crystal is Real – Crystal therapy is being popular and people who believe in crystal energies, looking for pure crystals. However, because of this, we have been seeing more and more production of synthetic crystals.

The problem with synthetic crystals is they look like real crystals but don’t hold the healing potential of real crystals.

It is disheartening to spend so much money on synthetic crystals, which don’t have any healing power. That’s why here is a complete guide on how to know if a crystal is real, we mentioned 9 ways to know if a crystal is real or fake.

What Does Real Crystal Look Like?

How do real crystal look like

First of all, real crystals aren’t man-made, they are products of nature. They are formed after years of interaction with the earth, and its minerals, water, and soil.

That’s why you can easily sense the energy of a real crystal.

Crystal takes a long time to form, years or even centuries that’s why these gemstones are considered so precious.

Real crystal doesn’t have a perfect shape, each of them went undergo several years of formation. And That would be reflected by seeing their unique shapes.

While fake crystal doesn’t have this quality, they are also not hard as real crystal. You won’t sense any energy from it, and most importantly they will look like imitations of a real crystal.

Moh’s Hardness scale is one of the ways to find out if a crystal is real or not. Real crystal will rank higher on this scale, and it would be much stronger than fake crystal.

How to Know if a Crystal is Real – 9 Easy Ways

1. Check the Hardness

Moh's hardness scale

Moh’s hardness scale is a scale that can be used to tell if a Crystal is real. For example, a Quartz crystal’s hardness score is 7, which means any other crystal lower than 7 won’t be able to scratch Quartz.

  • First of all, find your crystal in Moh’s hardness scale.
  • Then scratch your crystal from minerals lower than that on the scale (for example, scratch Quartz with Calcite)
  • After scratching if it gets damaged then we can say that you have got a synthetic crystal.

Note: Before scratching your crystal check the crystal hardness score on Moh’s hardness scale, if the hardness is low, then don’t scratch it with any harder gemstone, it will be damaged.

2. Check the Color

The color test is a little complex to conduct because some of the true crystals also have similar colors to synthetic crystals.

Generally, natural crystals don’t give intense colors but they can give if they go through heat treatment. One way to check the crystal’s color is to compare your crystal to images of crystals from reputated websites.

3. Go to Trusted Retailer

When it comes to crystals you should always buy them from a trusted retailer. The retailer who sells real crystals, not synthetic ones, cares about their reputation. That’s why even if you get a fake crystal by mistake, he can accept the mistake and give you a replacement or refund.

To find out trusted retailers, search them on Google and check their websites, even read their reviews on Google.

4. It Has Air Bubbles

Air Bubbles trapped inside crystal marble
Air bubble trapped inside marble – Image Source

If there are air bubbles trapped inside your crystal, that means you are dealing with a fake crystal. It is more likely to be glass than a real crystal. It is one of the signs of fake crystals.

5. It Look And Feel Glassy

This is one of the easiest ways to spot fake crystals, when you hold them, they will feel like glass. Because fake crystal creators use glass to make fake crystals and paint or color them like crystal. But still, you can feel the glass, it will most likely look like glass.

  • Glass fake crystal will be lighter in weight.
  • It would be scratched easily if you scratch it with any real crystal.
  • It would be cut in perfect shape.

6. Fake Crystals have Strange Names

Fake crystals come with very strange names like Melon Moonstone or Aqua Aura Quartz. Now, these names may sound creative and interesting but they are the sign of fake crystals.

Fake crystal makers, usually deviate the name of crystal from their original names, and at this point, you can tell whether it is a lab-made crystal or not.

Also, the crystal which appears in movies, films, or web series with their unique name are mostly fake and they are made through glass and color dye. This is why you should avoid any crystal without proper research.

7. Check the Temperature

The temperature also plays a big role in differentiating real crystals from fake crystals. Real crystals are cool in temperature and lose heat too quickly after contact. But it isn’t the case with fake crystals, they can be warm even with your palm heat.

Temperature checking is also a good way to avoid buying fake crystals.

8. Check the Weight

Fake crystals are often made from glass or any synthetic material. However, these materials are much lighter than the original crystal.

So, one of the ways to tell if a crystal is real or not is to compare the weight of the crystal and similar size glass. If both of them, have the same weight or the crystal is weighted less, that means your crystal is most likely fake.

9. Some Common Fake Crystals 

When you are going to buy crystals, make sure to educate yourself about their names. There are very common fake names of fake crystals, following are the names of some common fake crystals.

  • Rose Quartz
  • Citrine (Fake)
  • Clear Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Smoky Quartz
  • American Ruby
  • Ural Sapphire

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To Summarize – How to Know if a Crystal is Real

Just to summarize, having information about crystals can make the purchase of crystals hustle-less. Just three most important things you need to remember while making the purchase of crystal –

  1. Buy From Trusted Dealer
  2. Check it yourself using wight, temperature, color, and hardness, these are some points that can help you verify your crystal.
  3. Still, have doubt? ask crystal experts to check whether the crystal is fake or real.

By following these methods, you can successfully buy the real crystal which has natural formation and healing power.

That’s it for this article, thanks for reading…

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