How To Keep Birds From Eating Grass Seed?

How To Keep Birds From Eating Grass Seed

Creating a green lawn requires grass seed. But it is very hard to keep to seeds safe from birds. Small birds search for these seeds from the soil and then eat them. So the lawn starts to grow patchy. And sometimes it does not grow at all. So here is the guide on how to keep birds from eating grass seed. There are different ways to protect your lawn grass seeds.

Preparing the soil and sowing the seed is a very hard task. And If your lawn is not protected then it is a free invitation for the birds. Even if you have not sowed the seeds in the ground, birds come daily to search for small parasites to eat. Here is the guide to protect your lawn from these small thefts.

Avoid the Peak Birds’ Time To Save the Grass Seed

Avoid the Peak Birds' Time To Save the Grass Seed

Early morning and afternoon are the peak time for the birds to roam for food. If you are thinking about sowing seeds then choose that time. When you can avoid the birds to the fullest. So after this time, any time will be perfect for you to sew the seeds in your lawn.

#1. Use Protective Netting

One of the most practical and humane ways to shield your grass seed is by using protective netting. This mesh material allows sunlight, air, and water to reach the seeds while creating a barrier that discourages birds from accessing the area.

Secure the netting over the seeded area using stakes or anchors to keep it in place. Remember to choose a netting material with small openings to prevent birds from reaching through.

#2. Create Distractions With Bird Feeders

Provide an alternative food source to distract birds from your grass seed. Strategically place bird feeders filled with seeds or suet away from the freshly seeded area. This redirects the birds’ attention, offering them a convenient and delicious alternative while protecting your grass seed from their pecking.

#3. Use Sound For Scarring

Birds get scared very easily. So try to place such instruments that produce sound with regular intervals of time. If your neighbour is okay with the sound then you can also invest in the high pitch sound-producing instruments. And if they are not ok then you can use such instruments that are not loud. But audible in every part of the lawn.

#4. Use Bird-Repellent Sprays To Prevent Birds From Eating Grass Seeds

There are bird-repellent sprays available in the market. This is not a poison. It just changes the taste of the seeds for the birds. So it makes the seed non-appetising. However, the growth and the other factors of the seed will remain the same.

So before sewing you have to spray this on your seeds and then you will be good to go. At first, the birds will come. But they will disappear after some time. And your seeds will remain safe.

#5. Use Pets As A Guard For the Grass Seeds

If you have a dog then you have a natural guard for your lawn. All you have to do is leave the dog freely in the garden. And then he will start barking and running after the birds. Eventually, the lawn will remain safe without putting in much effort.

#6. Avoid Watching Directly After Sowing To prevent Birds From Eating Grass Seeds

Make sure that you do not give water to the lawn right after sowing the seeds. This will make the seeds float on the surface. And hence becomes visible to the birds. So avoid doing this to protect the lawn grass seeds.


In conclusion, The above ideas help to keep birds from eating grass seed. There are some tricks to protect lawn grass seeds from the birds. Use these all to get the best possible results.

This guide will help you to protect your lawn grass seeds. You can invest in nests and all for a higher grade of security. The birds love to eat seeds so they attack on the freshly sowed areas more.

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