How to increase Jio TV online streaming speed and stop buffering

Jio tv has taken the online world for a storm. It has revolutionized the way we watch television. After the rapid expansion of its network. Jio offered some truly jaw-dropping features one such is Jio tv. If we calibrate the number of people watching hours on Jio tv, It may far exceed its counterpart, traditional set-up box.

Though this success has come at a time when people are barely free to watch by a mosquito flying. Digital media taking over a traditional one is not a process anymore, But know it is overshadowing it in a big percentage. In the U.S the general people have already given up on traditional means of entertainment. And adopted OTT and digital platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Although, Jio tv is a stable application. You may still face many issues. One such problem many individuals go through is buffering. We know it’s very annoying to see a circle moving around on your screen, but instead, you want dark knight movie to be running smoothly. On the computer, there are a dozen reasons and solutions for slow streaming. But on Smartphones the problem revolves around some common issues. We’ll take those issues into account and demonstrate to you some appropriate solutions.

What is Jio TV & who can use it?

Jio tv is an added feature that is provided by Jio mobile network. It is essentially an application that offers numerous entertainment options for free. You can find almost all regional and international channels on this application. They also let you watch the pre-recorded program so you can watch a live show at any time you want. Jio tv works with tablets and smartphones and runs smoothly on decent networks. But you can only access these features If you are a Jio subscriber. Even if you are not a subscriber you can still access some of the features through the login credentials of a Jio user.

How to increase Jio tv online streaming speed and stop buffering

1) Restart Your Phone

If we encounter technical errors, there is not a lot we can do if we are not a tech geek. Restarting your smartphone is by far the most popular and simple solution. When you restart your device, the operating system reshuffles every ongoing task and starts everything from scratch.

This process forces every application or system errors and starts your device fresh. The majority of devices get repaired in this first stage only. So if you are facing a problem do not panic and just do a simple restart. This should probably work, If not keep reading.

2) Forget And Connect Wifi

A lot of times after your phone gets updated. The drivers for different hardware on your device changes. If any driver is not properly installed or updated this may cause an issue. A simple solution to this would be to clear all your wifi networks.

Here you have to simply visit -> Setting -> Wifi Network -> Forget All.

This will remove all the wifi credentials from your smartphones. Now, Connect back to the wifi of yours by re-entering the password. This whole process will remove any errors or bugs causing a slow network on your device. You can also try different wifi networks for higher accuracy.

3) Switch From Your Wifi Network To Mobile Data

Many times while streaming mobile network features. The network provider blocks or slows the access of the feature for different networks. Jio does not claim that they do this, but you can try this method if you are facing this issue even after trying all the other methods.

You can also get in contact with their support team, That may help you with any technical error caused by the network provider. You can check the speed of your internet on the mobile network, From And see if the speed that you are receiving is reflecting the streaming speed of Jio tv.

4) Visit Safe Mode

Safe Mode is the purest form of your device. In this mode, your device is not running any external application or updates. You can visit safe mode and download Jio tv and check the speed. And if your Jio tv is buffering or not. To visit safe mode you want to know some instructions, You can look for your device instruction on google.

Different smartphones have their own key combinations to visit safe mode. If the problem is the same, Then the issue is with the network provider. And you should contact them about this issue. If it’s working fine in safe mode then your device might be infected.

5) Check For Virus & Adware

Now that after safe mode, You realize there is something fishy with your smartphone. The next step of yours should be to investigate more on this. A lot of times when you visit a website or download a file from a non-trusty source. There could be a chance that your device gets infected with unwanted Adware or Virus. If it’s adware then it might be slowing your device by running ads in the background.

Some adware even uses your smartphone computation power to mine data and bitcoins. If this is the case, Then you simply have to uninstall any recent application that you have downloaded. If the problem still consists this may happen because of a virus or malicious code.

6) Scan and Remove Malicious Programs

Now that we are some-what positive that your device might contain a virus. We need to eradicate any possibility and remove it as fast as we can. Because not only a virus is causing a slow streaming speed. It may even be invading your privacy and banking details. To remove a virus completely the safest option would be to factory reset your device.

But if you do not want to do that in the first go. You can download antivirus applications from the play-store and scan for any virus or malicious code in your smartphone. The application after detecting any suspicious virus or malicious code will automatically remove a virus from your device.

We hope, This guide for how to increase Jio tv online streaming speed and stop buffering helped you. We’ll update any new or relevant information on this page at the course of any changes.

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