How To Hire A Media Buyer {Help Guide}

How To Hire A Media Buyer {Help Guide}

Here is the ultimate guide to hiring a media buyer. All information about where and how to hire a media buyer for your team is mentioned below. Make sure you read till the very end for all the information.

To learn how to hire a media buyer?

To learn how to hire a media buyer

Of course, Media buyers are the base of digital marketing. You can not imagine an AD or promotion with the help of these media buyers. Hence their presence affects a brand and its reputation a lot. They are trained and skilled people for the buying strategy. Hence it is very important to select a media buyer for your team. However, you will need to consider many things before hiring a media buyer for your team.

I will discuss all those terms and conditions here. Here is everything you want to know about how to hire a media buyer. This will serve as an ultimate guide for you. So make sure you stick to the very end.

What is a media buyer?

What is media buyer

A media buyer is a person in the team that creates the advertising campaign on sites like Facebook and Google. They make the brand more presentable and also create programs to promote the brand. Without them, you can not imagine a promotion for the brand. Hence they post an ad on different media platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram. The aim of these is to reach the target audience with the help of social media. Because the more people will look at your ad the more they want to use that brand. Hence they are responsible for all the paid advertisements of the brand. They improve the brand image by posting the right advertisement on the right platform.

Qualities to look into a media buyer


There is a certain key performance that your media buyer has to perform. So make sure you prepare a checklist. And tick on all the qualities that you are looking for in the media buyer. Here is a list of some common important qualities that media buyers should have.

1) He should be good at communication then only people show interest to hire a media buyer like you. All the marketing strategies apply only when the media buyer has good communication skills. He should be able to put this idea forward. And more importantly, he should have convincing skills.

2) Media buyers should know the importance of money importance. And their main work is to do the brand promotion within the budget limit. So, they cannot spend millions of dollars on an ad. Hence he should know how to manage the money and how to negotiate with the advertising company.

3) The last step is document checking. Make sure you go through all their documents to make sure that they know about the market strategies. Or they have learned about it. Because without those skills a media buyer can not survive in this field. Hence education qualification in the marketing field is necessary.

These are some common things that you should look into as a media buyer before hiring. Also, you can take their interview to know more about them. Try to give them some hypothetical situations to know their views on them. Based on the answer you can distinguish between two media buyers and you can select the best for you. This is the first step to hire a media buyer.

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Where to find a media buyer?

Where to find a media buyer

Talking about the places to get the media buyers. There are many media platforms from ether you can find these.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Fiverr

If you have noticed then you will see most of the names are of freelancer sites. There are plenty of freelancers that do media buyer jobs. Because this job is not permanent. You have to move to a different client after some time. And also this job does not include any office work. A media buyer can do their work from home. So most freelancers do media buyer work. And they do work for more than one brand at once.

Although you will find plenty of media buyers here you can not negotiate the salary with them. I am sure if you want to hire a media buyer at a low price then freelancer sites are always best for you.  On the other hand, they have their fixed amount. If you will agree to work on their amount only then they will agree to work with you. Their prices are always affordable. They do not overcharge for anything. Only the experienced ones have a high amount otherwise you will see only affordable media buyers there.

How to conduct a media buyer interview?

Conducting interview

While interviewing the media buyer you will have to see certain things. based on the interview, you select your media buyer. Here are some tips to consult the media buyer interview. If he is passing in the below-mentioned criteria then hire him immediately.

1) Most of the media buyers work on a contract basis. Ask them why they do not want to work in the permanent team. Be aware of his priorities. It will help you to know more about the media buyer.

2) Make sure you clear all the payment terms with him during the interview. There should be no hidden things about the payments. Also, try to negotiate the price first. And ask your media buyer what they are expecting from you. Let them talk about it. And after analyzing, put your amount in front of them.

3) A media buyer needs to have a good personality. Their way of talking affects the other person a lot. So, you can make sure that the media buyer that you are hiring has a good attracting personality. And more importantly, they should have all the convincing power.

These things are very common once want to hire a media buyer but important as well. It is important to know the mindset of the other person or this job. Also, make sure that you ask for written proof of their previous experience. If they have achieved such great work let them show some proof of it. Some sort of data and all. This will help you to trust them more. Because eventually, they will be working with your big team.

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The average salary for the media buyer

There is an average salary for media buyers. The salary increase and decreases based on their experience and their qualification. So you have to decide to increase or decrease the salary. When talking about the average number the annual average salary for a media buyer is $54,000. Now you have to decide how much more you are willing to pay him, based, on the interview that you will conduct with him. If you are hiring a freelancer media buyer that lives far from your city then try to conduct the interview online. Do not just trust their words. An interview is a very necessary part of this job.

Look for some agency clients

It is not necessary that you have to select a person from the online freelancing sites. Sometimes an agency suggests great work to hire the best media buyer as soon as possible. So look at them too. If someone is referring a media buyer to you then meet him once to know more about him. You will have to discuss your budget and all stuff with him. And if he agrees to work under your budget for birth, the salary, and the advertisement then hire him. At the end of their job, they will seek a written letter. In which you have to mention that they have worked with you and have benefited you with the advertising work and all.


In conclusion, media buyers play a very important role in the marketing field. They are responsible for all the ad campaigns. Their work is very crucial. Because the ad will not be public on the right platform then the brand will not be able to attract the decided audience.

Hence their work has to be perfect. And they will work with all the big teams of the brand so their communications skills have to be on top for this. At least they should be able to communicate their ideas with the team.

So make sure you are the right person for your team. It is not difficult to select the right person. All the criteria for selecting are mentioned above. So follow them as it is. Hope you will find this helpful.


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