How to highlight in pages on mac and iPhone

Learn How To Highlight in Pages on Mac and iPhone

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When working as a professional, or beautifying the text on Pages, you can use vivid features for it. One among those is Highlighting Text in Pages, there are numerous things you can do with highlight text.

The article will tell you How to Highlight in Pages, in the most popular iOS devices iPhone and Mac.

The Ultimate Guide to How To Highlight Text In Pages On Mac?

#1. Now open the Mac, go to the documents, and follow the below steps with an image tutorial to highlight text.

Highlight the text

#2. The first step is to choose the appropriate text that you really want to highlight here. You can accomplish this by simply dragging across it or by double-tapping over the text.

You can highlight the text from edit and then press highlight

#3. After selecting the text, click on Insert then Highlights. Of course, You can able to use the shortcut key for this option, which is Shift + Command + H.

#4. This will open the review toolbar, this helps if you want to highlight more text, as you just need to select the text and click on highlight.

This is how you can highlight text on Pages. Now, with some features, you can make your text more attractive.

  • You can able to make the comments here.
  • You can able to change your desired highlight color as per your wish.
  • Make it bold, italic, or change the font accordingly.

Step By Step Guide For How to Add The Comments on Highlighted Text?

If you work with a team or work collaboratively, adding comments might be useful for you. That means if you give the project to someone else, they can know, why you’ve written this or if you have any special notice.

Tap on comments to add comments on highlighted text in pages on mac

If you want to add the comments on Highlighted Text in Pages, follow the below steps.

#1. First of all, you can select the highlighted text here.  Then, you can press the comment option that belongs to the top right-hand side of the top bar.

#2. Now, a box will be popping up, write your comments on it and tap on done.

#3. Similarly, if you click on the tiny box beside, you can view the comment and edit it accordingly.

#4. One can also view that comment, by clicking on it.

This is how you can include/make comments on the appropriate text that you have highlighted.

To remove highlight in Pages, follow the below steps –

#1. Select the highlighted text.

#2. Click on edit, from the menu bar.

#3. Then, you can select the Remove Highlights and Comments option here.

To Learn How To Highlight Text in Pages From iPhone?

Using Pages in Mac is a lot more stable experience than iPhone. Yet, working and commuting can be done with iPhone, and learning Pages on iPhone can be a very useful thing.

Highlighting text, adding comments, and changing highlight color can be done on iPhone also.

This how you can highlight in pages on iPhone

A Step-by-Step Guide to Highlight Text In Pages On iPhone

#1. First of all, you can select the text information that you really want to highlight here. Afterward, you can double-tap on it, and then you can select or select all, that all depending on your need.

#2. Now, use that brush arrow, and scroll down to the bottom and select text background.

#3. If you are working collaboratively, you can also change color accordingly.

Now, you can send the document and use it on the go.

Of course, You can also able to add comments to highlighted text on pages without any hesitation.

How To Make Comments To Highlighted Text in Pages for your iPhone?

#1. Firstly, you must click on the text that is highlighted.

#2. Add your comments on the pop-up

#3. The next thing is you can press as well as hold the highlighted text here. After that, you’ll be able to select comments that belong to the contextual menu.

So these are the detailed instructions for how you can make comments for your highlighted text. One can view the comment by tapping on it. This will pop up the comment from the bottom of the iPhone.

Final Thoughts

Pages are quite powerful software that can elaborate your work and find creative ways to make it more beautiful. This article tells you, how to highlight text in Mac and iPhone, you can save it for future work.

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