How To Hide That You Vape From Dentist?

How To Hide That You Vape From Dentist

Here is how you can hide the fact that you vape from your dentist.  Make sure that you follow all the tips to get the best results. However, it is too easy for a dentist to tell there you vape or not on the first visit. until some tests and X-rays are performed.

To learn how to hide that you vape from the dentist

Vaping has become a new trend these days. Even children are used to this. In spite of the fact that vaping is harmless and does not contain nicotine. But still, it can cause many health conditions. Some parents want to know if their child is vaping or not. So take them to the doctor.

Most people do not know that your dentist can easily tell whether you vape. Since people do not see this coming, they get caught on their first visit.

Here are some tips that you can use to hide the fact that you vape from your dentist. Make sure that you try them all to get good results.

How correctly dentists can talk about vaping?

Vaping and any kind of smoking are bad for your teeth. So the effects of vaping are seen on the teeth. But dentists can not tell just by looking at your teeth that you vape. So if you go for regular dental checkups then your dentist might not suspect that. But if you are an active smoker and you smoke cigarettes along with the vape. Then the nicotine effects become obvious in your teeth.

However, If your parents want to know whether you vape or not then the dentist will conduct certain tests that will confirm the use of vaping. Only then does the dentist tell your parents that you are an active user of vaping. He might have to do some saliva testing and some X-rays. Because no direct effect of vaping can be seen on the teeth and gums.

The harmful effect of vaping on teeth

People think vaping is a substitute for cigarettes. So they think that vaping is safe and does not harm the health of a person. But this is not true. Everything has its side effects. Here is a list of some common and noticeable side effects on vape on your teeth. If you are using vaping in excess quantity then you might see all of these in your mouth.

Dry mouth

Although vaping is nicotine free still it has many chemicals that absorb the saliva. Hence your mouth will feel dry after vaping. And if you consume vaping in excess quantities this condition will persist. Saliva protects our teeth from decay and all. But as the saliva level decreases in the mouth then plaque, tooth decay, and many other conditions arise in the mouth.

Foul smell

If you are using vaping in a limited quantity you will not face this problem. But if you have consumed the vape right before your dentist visit then your dentist will notice the foul smell. However, this smell will not be strong proof that you vape. But it will arise many questions.

Gum diseases

Your gums are very sensitive. They can not remain firm in front of continuous vaping. So you will face many gum diseases. Like swelling in gums and pain. Either you take good care of your gums while vaping. Otherwise, you have to go to the dentist for your treatment.

Tips to hide your vaping habit from the dentist

Here are some tips that you can use to hide the fact that you vape from the density. It is hard for a dentist to tell whether you use vape or not. But it is not impossible, so there is always the possibility that they will find out about your vaping habit.

1) Do not use your regular brush after vaping. Make sure that you have two brushes. Always brush your teeth after vaping and use the second brush for this purpose.

2) Some of the vaping residues can be found on the teeth. But the residue can not confirm the use of vapes. Because of the harmless vaping oil chemicals. These chemicals are present in a variety of food items. But make sure that you floss and brush before your dentist visit.

3) Drink plenty of water. The more you drink water the more residue will be removed from the mouth.

4) Vaping is a safer alternative to cigarettes but you can not use this regularly. Because eventually vaping is addictive too. make sure that you use some mouth fresher or chewing gum before the dentist visit.

Here are all the precautions that you can take to prevent the dentist from knowing about your bad vaping habits. However, it does not mean that you can prevent your mouth from diseases.

When can a dentist tell you about your vaping habit?

Vapes have some of the chemicals that are also found in cigarettes. This fact has been discovered recently. So if you were a smoker in the past so if you are a heavy consumer of vaping then your dentist can perform a few tests and he can tell if you are still smoking or not. This will make him assured that you have been vaping. But if you consume vape occasionally and have no history of smoking. Then your dentist might not even detect that you have vaping.


In conclusion, here is how your dentist can detect whether you use vape or not. However, it is not easy for a dentist to tell this in one visit. If your parents insist then he can perform some tests and X-rays to check. Normally vaping does not harm your health only if you are using that limit.

Some of the tips here will make sure that you will not get caught even if you are consuming vape.

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