How To Remotely Hack Someone’s Android/iPhone

How To Remotely Hack Someone’s Android/iPhone Without Touching It

How To Remotely Hack Someone’s Android/iPhone – Doubting on someone or you want to monitor your child’s activities on his phone, without letting them know you’re spying. And if you are included in that, you are using a legal way of hacking, although it isn’t legal to hack someone’s phone or do phone monitoring. But your spouse or your kids won’t file a police complaint against you.

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The legal way of hacking a cell phone is to ask for the permission of that person, that too in a legal manner. That’s how the monitoring apps are operating, by asking to agree with Terms.

In this article, you’ll learn how can you get access to the information of that target device without touching it, that too remotely, and will be compatible with both the Android and iPhone.

Best Spy Apps To Access Activities Remotely Without Touching Your Android And iPhone

1. mSpy– for an iPhone

MSPY Application Homepage

mSpy, the app was built for Mobile Phone Tracking. This app includes both basic and advanced features, basic ones work in both rooted and unrooted devices, while the advanced ones will work if the device is rooted.

In an advanced feature, you can monitor apps and see their web activities, etc. The app has a good user interface and also, it’s compatible with jail and non-jailbroken iOS devices. You’ll get one license for a device, which means working on many with this software can be frustrating.

Firstly, you can go to their appropriate website and then check their pricing –

2. FlexiSpy App- For an Android

Flexispy spy application homepage

Another spy app, which is compatible working with both the operating systems. Just a slight advantage for android is that their rooting isn’t mandatory it’s optional. However, for iOS devices, it’s mandatory after iOS 9.1 V. but before that, it isn’t.

This app offers many basic things, but one good thing about this app, they are offering call recording also. I think, which will be good for many users.

You can visit their website and see pricing and also, it’s available for Demo. It’s a better and a good idea to take a demo first, and after you can make sure the app is compatible with your device or not.

You can go to the website and find out about the features and requirements of the software.

3. Ultimate Phone Spy

Ultimate phone spy -To Remotely Hack Someone’s Android/iPhone

Ultimate Phone Spy is compatible with both the Mobile Phone OS but, if you want to use it on your PC, then this is just for you, as it is compatible with PC means, Windows OS. This software also, other advanced feature to track mobile phones, but not only that the developer of the software also claim that the software can also hack an iPhone without jailbreaking or rooting.

This software can also track the things that are claimed by the other two software. But the software also has an in-built GPS, which means you can get an accurate location of the person.

Go to their website for downloading this software.

The Hacking Tricks To Access Someone’s Mobile Phone Without Getting Any Trouble

Phishing Technique

Phishing Techniques

This technique is widespread for hackers since the 1990s, and to date, many hackers work on this type of hacking.

This technique is simple, hackers mail or send an SMS to the victim, trying to be a genuine person or institute like school, bank or google, etc. They’ll try to collect your personal data or send you a link, that can hack your device and can steal your personal information.

We have made a detailed article on how to create a link and hack a device check out this article.

Cloud Service Hacking

Nowadays, people keep a backup of their files and folder, in cloud storage. Fortunately, both OS have their cloud storage system. For Android, we can use google drive and for iOS it’s iCloud.

If you have their email address, you can log in to their account by knowing the password or just tap on forget password and look for OTP or any forget password activities.

Once you get into this, you now have access to all their images and videos that are stored in the cloud.

You can hire a professional freelance hacker

professional freelance hacker working in laptop

If you are really serious about the problem and want an instant solution, you should hire someone. This method provided here requires a lot of time and effort, a better way is to hire a person, who will take you out of the situation.

You can find hackers, mainly on a freelance basis, you should go on some freelancing websites, and post an ad. On these websites, you’ll get someone, in your budget. Or you can simply google it! searching for hackers.

In google, sure you’ll get some good hackers but their charges would be high, so freelancing is a cost-effective way.

FAQs – How To Remotely Hack Someone’s Android/iPhone

#1. Legal and illegal way of Hacking?

Ans: If you have the permission of that person in a legal way, then the hacking is referred to as legal. And vice-versa, if you are using hacking at someone without their permission, then they can file a case on you, and send you to jail.

#2. How to Find your Android or iPhone is hacked or not?

Ans: Check your activities like calling or web browsing, if you have not done those things in recent, then probably some other person has access to your phone. Other signals will be your phone will get slower or your battery is draining continuously, some apps might stop working.

#3. Is there a way to find out, who hacked my cell phone?

Ans: No, there isn’t any official way till now to know exactly who hacked the phone. But, the cybercrime branch can, if you put a complaint against that hacker. If you figure it out your phone is hacked, you can guess by seeing the activities he has done, often they are your close ones.


Numerous methods are there to find someone secret, hiding in mobile phones. But be aware of what you are doing, as it can also affect your bonds with that person. From spy apps to hacking tricks and then clearing some of the doubts are article end.

So, that’s it for today’s article, it was How To Remotely Hack Someone’s Android/iPhone.

As if doubts are just suspicious behavior without any backing of proof, then it can hack your personal life!

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