How To Get PUBG Mobile Lite Free Unlimited BC Generators MODs

How to Hack PUBG Mobile Lite Free Unlimited BC |Generators MODs

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The lite version of PUBG Mobile is also being one of the top rated game in play store. It has 4.2 Rating with 5 M+ Reviews and 100M +  Downloads.

There is a lot of difference between PUBG Mobile and PUBGM Lite. It costs you ₹800 to buy Royal Pass in PUBGM whereas PUBG lite costs you just ₹240 to buy the same. PUBG Mobile’s Royal Pass needs to be completed up to 100 where’s PUBG Lite  just up to 30(max) which is simple and you will have more time to practice.

Coming to the BC/UC, PUBG Mobile Lite is already providing 5 BC ( Was 10 BC before) through watching ads daily. Also you will get some temporary gun skins and items along with BC.

To hack BC, it’s really risky because sometimes this may result in the ban of your accounts. So, better use some new/default account while using the below BC generating tricks. Get Pubg lite unlimited bc for free here in 2021.

I think you might watched many videos on YouTube showing the hacking process of BC to unlimited. Most of them were fake. All those videos are just to attract users and they will be with click bait thumbnails. So, don’t waste time there. Try getting 5 BC daily with patience and buy Royal pass for free. Trying these below generators is also not a worth. But I have noticed many users saying that they have got BC from these. It’s all depends on our luck and the time we open it.

Online BC Generators for PUBG Mobile Lite with out Human Verification:

Online BC Generators for PUBG Mobile Lite with out Human Verification

Never share log in credentials on below links if they ask. (I have already checked them, they aren’t asking but if they ask, don’t share. It’s a phishing attack and that will definitely results in the account ban.

Sharing our player id is not at all a problem. You can share it).

1) New PUBG Mobile Lite Hack Tool | Working In 2021 | Try is Asap | Follow the instructions without fail

This is a new PUBG Mobile Lite BC Generator, you can generate unlimited BC here. We have bypassed the PUBG Mobile Lite ads trick and Generator millions of BC.

1. Click on the link above. If you go to the hack tool directly. You are good and cool.

2. If you get any instagram account to follow, follow it and ask him to give BC. Don’t unfollow until he reply.


2) PUBG Lite Hack Tool

This tool is the top resulted one. Scroll down and enter the username and the amount of BC you want to generate.  Sometimes, you may be asked to download an app to pass human verification. Mostly, these type of sites, which asked for human verification won’t work. There are just trash. But, we don’t know. So, trying isn’t a problem.

3)Hack Ge Generator Online

This generator is little bit special. I saw over 1k comments telling that they have got their generated BC successfully. You can check those comments here. We don’t know is that true or not but the thing is there not 1 or 2 , they are many. So, just try  it once.

4)Fliphtml BC Generator

This is also one of the best generators online. You can try this if any of the above didn’t work. Don’t download any apps or don’t login with Facebook/Twitter credentials.

Pubg Mobile Lite unlimited BC 2021
Grab Unlimited pubg lite items here for free of costPUBG Mobile Lite MOD APKs Download
1) Apk Whale – MOD PUBG Lite

You can download the mod APK of PUBG lite from the above website. You have download the obb and apk separately. Then, you will get Pubg lite unlimited bc.

2) AN1 Pubg Lite MOD apk and OBB

 You can download both apk and obb from the above link. After downloading, place the obb file in the Android- obb – com.tencent.iglite.( if you can’t see that folder, create it as com.tencent.iglite).


The above link downloads the PUBG lite hacks like No recoil, Auto Aim, wall hack,  color hack, magic bullet and speed knock etc.

Always check the downloading file names. Sometimes, other trash/hacking will be downloaded which hacks your whole mobile. You should take these type of risks while downloading any type of hacks from the internet. If you want to hack PUBG mobile lite, there are many paid hacks where you have to buy them and you will get the script. Some of them are anti-ban. Try these just for fun and time pass but not for paid rank push or rankings over servers.

Go try them. Scrolling internet for hours searching for hacks will be more time killing.

Keep going with the game. Always support the fair game.

Author : Praneeth Varma

Email :


Contact me from the above email. You can check my other works below.

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