How To Get your favorite discovery plus on your smart TV?

How To Get your favorite discovery plus on your smart TV

In a world full of web series and TV shows, if you are the one to love documentaries then this is for you. An OTT platform that is full of interesting documentaries; Discovery Plus is up for streaming live.

We are sure about your excitement to get started with Discovery Plus to explore the world of documentaries.

Discovery Plus Home Screenshot

So let us begin exploring with this step by step guide:

Get the latest Discovery Plus on your Samsung Smart TV?

There are so many smart TVs in the market. Unfortunately Discovery plus works only over the 2017 and later modern Samsung Smart TVs. If you are the one with newer TVs, let’s get started.

How to Create a Discovery Plus Account?

Step-1: First of all, you can subscribe to Discovery Plus using the website.

Step-2:  Then, Open the tab using the provided link.

Step 3:  Click on ‘Start Free Trial’.

Step-4:  Next, you can complete the sign-up process.

Step-5:  Then, you can select the desired subscription plan of your choice.

Step-6:  Create your account.

Step-7:  Get Your Billing done and return to Samsung TV.

Get Started With Disney Plus:

1) Firstly, Go to Smart Hub or home TV.

2) Then, Go to ‘Apps’ and you can find Discovery Plus.

3) Afterward, just click on the app’s icon to explore additional details.

4) Click on the ‘Add to Home’ option.

5)  The app will take only a few seconds to get downloaded and installed on your smart TV.

6) Open Discovery Plus and complete the login process. You can easily do this while following the prompts appearing on the screen.

When you are done, enjoy the thrill with knowledgeable documentaries.

Discovery + Originals Home Screenshot

How to get Discovery Plus on my Android TV?

If you are using Sony TV, Discovery Plus can be accessed in newer versions after version 5.0.

Of course, if you want to start the newer version you can able to access it via the google play store. Please note that you must have the proper discovery plus subscription and after installing this application for your smartphone.

1) Firstly, Use the correct link to start with the streaming platform’s website

2) Then, complete the appropriate registration procedures, and after you can choose the  ‘Start Free Trial here.

3) Next, you can choose the suitable subscription plan as per your wish and then create an account here.

4) Pay for your subscription.

5) Return to Sony TV.

6) Then, you can visit the Google Play store page and find the icon of the application.

7) Of course, you can click the search bar here and type on your keyboard Discovery Plus and find this application.

8) Open the app review and select the ‘Install’ or ‘Get’ option

9) Once the application gets installed, follow the on-screen instructions to enjoy the Discovery Plus.

Get An Edge With This Tip:

Discovery Plus goes well with all the newer Android TVs. You can follow the steps as explained for Sony TV to watch Disney plus. If you use TiVO Stream 4K, you can still follow the same steps.

What are the steps to get Discovery Plus on an LG Smart TV?

Google chrome browser Cast option

LG Smart TV uses WebOS as its operating system. At present, Discovery Plus doesn’t have any native application for WebOS. Therefore, you can’t watch discovery plus and other content using this kind of native software.

But we have got it sorted for you, you can cast the content and documentaries of discovery plus from your smartphone or you can use your tablet to cast it to your LG Smart TV.

Keep binging with the documentaries without the hassles hindering your happy hours.


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