How To Get The Hybrid Glove in Slap Battles?

How To Get The Hybrid Glove in Slap Battles

As a matter of fact, Slap Battles is a very interesting game. This game is based on the powers of different slaps. So you can upgrade to the gloves that help you in slapping. And the updates are available on specific levels and all. So overall it is a very interesting game. One such popular glove in this game is a hybrid. Here is the guide about how to get a hybrid glove in slap battles. Because it is among the most powerful gloves.

The process of getting this glove is not easy. If you’re on initial levels then you can not have this glove. You need to reach certain levels and powers for this.

Things To Have Before Having A Hybrid Glove

You will need some gloves before this and only then you can get this hybrid glove. Make sure that you acquire all this before trying to get the hybrid gloves. After having all the gloves that are required the hybrid glove will unlock itself.

Here is the list of gloves that you will need to have prior. 

  1. Anticlimactic end badge
  2. This badge will help you to unlock Rage glove
  3. The rage glove will give access to the prolonged anger badge

And after this, the hybrid glove will unlock. And you can acquire the glove. 

Benefits Of Using Hybrid Glove

Here is a list of a few pros of having a hybrid glove. These benefits will make you eager to get this glove. 

  1. The strength of the slap increases a lot.
  2. You will get to use 4 different abilities. and the switching between the abilities is very easy.
  3. The power of this glove is 40 and talking about the speed then it is 16.
  4. It has a spring mode that helps in jumping and dodging off the slaps.
  5. If you know how to control this glove then you will become more powerful. 

These benefits can not be found in any other gloves. This glove is a premium type of glove. That can help you in winning the battle as well as defending the slaps. 

Disadvantages Of Using Hybrid Gloves

Nothing is perfect in the game. So everything comes with some cons as well. Here are some disadvantages of the hybrid glove. If you can handle these disadvantages you can use this glove very well. 

  1. If you want to switch, you can only switch in a specific cycle.
  2. The hybrid glove is hard to maintain as there are a lot of functions to operate. 
  3. hybrid glove shows a gem on the back. So the other player can guess what weapon you have.
  4. If you have not practised how to switch between modes then you will not be able to operate properly ensuring the fights. 
  5. It requires lots of practice.

So all these are a few disadvantages of using hybrid gloves. These gloves are best for those players who have experience in this game. If you’re new it is advised that you gain some experience first and only then move on to the hybrid glove. 

What Different Glove Signifies In Slap Battles?

When you go to acquire a glove you see gloves in different colours. Every colour has a different meaning.

  1. If the glove is in white and black, It means you can use this glove. The black and white will be according to the mode that you have been using for the game.
  2. The red colour means that you need some power to obtain the gloves. So you cannot use this glove.
  3. Yello means that you need Robux to use this type of glove.
  4. And the lime colour means that this glove is going to be unusable for you soon. 


In conclusion, Here is how to get the hybrid glove in slap battles. You will need a few gloves before acquiring this glove. So make sure that you reach all those gloves before going to get the handoff glove.

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