How To Get Pure Prisms FGO?

How To Get Pure Prisms FGO

Fate grand order is one of the most popular and trending games these days. And the thing that makes this game more interesting is pure prisms. These prisms can change your whole gaming experience. But getting a trophy in this game is easy but getting these prisms is hard. Here is the guide for how to get pure prisms FGO. If you are an FGO player then this will be a must-read for you.

Pure Prism has exclusive features that can open a different experience in this game.  Even a beginner will seek to get these prisms. But it is not easy. Here is more on this topic. 

Use of pure prism

The pure prism helps in unlocking new benefits in the game. These benefits will make your gaming experience advance. These features will make your character strong and undefeatable.

Here are some features that will unlock with the help of pure Prism. 

  • New craft essence
  • Ascension material
  • And other valuable items

These all will help you in enhancing your performance like no other. Hence most of the players try to get these pure prisms. These will level up the performance and strength as well. 

Tips to get pure prism in FGO

Here are the tips from which you can get the pure prism. Make sure that you follow all to get the best possible opportunity to get these. 

  1. This game gives you daily quests. Your duty should be completing and winning these on time. Sometimes we get these pure prisms as winning trophies for regularly competing in our quests. 
  2. If you have some extra cards then you can burn tose to get these pure prims. However, you don’t need to get the prism after burning those. So it will be a difficult choice. But it may buy you a pure prism.
  3. You can exchange your mana prism with this pure prism. Regularly check the store and when theories are available you can do the exchange process. But make sure that you have enough mana prism to exchange with pure prims.
  4. Even if you have enough money to purchase the pure prism you have to check the store regularly. Because this pure prism comes in stock for a limited time only. And you will not get a notification when these prisms come in stock. So makes sure to be active on your game.


In conclusion, here is how to get pure prisms FGO. this guide will help you understand the use of pure prism. These pure prisms help cage the game for you. You will never get an experience like this with these prisms. Make sure to follow all tips to get this pure prism on your favorite game.

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