How to get permanent gains from pumping?

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It is true that you can increase penis size with penis pumping. all you need to do is have some patience and apply the proper method. here is the elaborative usage process of penis pumping.

The truth about penis pumping and enlargement & How to get permanent gains from pumping

You have surely heard about the penis pump. It is becoming very popular these days. It is used for penis enlargement and it is made mainly for those who have erectile dysfunction (ED). Of course, It gives temporary gains but some people think that this can help in the permanent male enhancement. So today we will find out how to get permanent gains from pumping. Is it true or not that penis pumping devices can make your penis bigger?

The reason why people are asking for this is that it can help in the enlargement without any side effects. That’s why people trust this more than any pills and injections.

Working of penis pumps

All the penis pumps act as normal suction pumps. When you apply pressure then it draws the blood into the penis. And due to the blood flowing the penis becomes hard and increases in size. At first, it may look like swelling. Talking about the price of this product you can find this in the range of $40 to $120. The price highly depends upon the company that you select. The prices may also vary in online and offline stores. So always compare the prices before finalizing one. Of course, You can easily find this product on amazon.

Is it good for permanent gains?

If you will use the penis pumping for the long term then you can achieve permanent gains too. This is now proven scientifically. The temporary gains stay only for a few hours but the permanent gains will stay for a longer period. The time range for the permanent gains is 3 to 12 months. However, these periods vary from your desired length. If you want a larger length than your natural one then it will take more time.

The maximum length that can achieve from the penis pumping

Now you know that you can get the permanent pump from this. The question here is how much can one gain from pumping? The maximum that you can archive from only pumping is half an inch. Yes, it is true but if you combine the exercise along with the pumping and some medication then you can achieve up to 4 inches. Remember this is not possible overnight. This process is slow and steady so you need to have some patience if you want some good results. The results will be seen for sure but it also depends from body to body. So do not lose hope in between. Because these things need time.

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How to use a penis pump?

Penis pump

The step-by-step user guide for the penis pump is here.

  • Apply water-based lube to the penis. Trim the pubic hair first and then apply the lube evenly on the whole penis. Not a single part should be left.
  • Remember that this device comes under the category of sex toys. The next step is to insert the penis into the machine. If you have any confusion then you can also check the manual guide of the pump.
  • Now start the pump. You will feel the tightness at the base of your penis. It takes around 2 minutes to pump. Whenever you will be tighter just stop right at that moment. And remove your penis immediately.
  • The next step is to relieve pressure. After releasing pressure, remove our penis. This is the most sensitive step so make sure that you go through the instructions before.
  • Now to remain the pump static you will need a cock ring. If you keep the erection maintained with the help of that constriction ring for as long as possible, you will surely be happy
  • Do not skip this step. The cock ring comes with the pump and you can also purchase that from Amazon.

Disadvantages of the penis pumping

There are many dysfunctions recorded by the use of penis pumping. The whole dysfunction thing starts from the improper use of the penis pump. You apply pressure and if you will release that quickly then there are chances that it can damage the penis ceks. The cells around the penis are very sensitive so they can damage easily.

In case of pain, discoloration, and over swelling immediately remove the pump.


In conclusion, everything comes with some amount of risk. If you use it properly it will give you only good results. Penis pumping has cured erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease. People may not believe this at first but with the limited amount of use and people’s amount of pressure it can cure all these diseases.

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