How To Get Old Tumblr Dashboard Back?

How To Get Old Tumblr Dashboard Back

If you are a Tumblr user then you must remember the old dashboard. Tumblr gives updates to make the dashboard more useful. But there are lots of people who have done the update and now missing the old dashboard. Here is the guide about how to get the old Tumblr dashboard back. It is possible to get the old dashboard back.

Tumblr dashboard was known for its charm and simplicity. But in the new updates, the dashboard has more features and it is confusing food lloyds of people. So a huge population is not like this change. Here is how you can do this without getting lost in the new dashboard of the Tumblr.

Basics About Tumblr Dashboard

Before doing anything you should know some basics about the Tumblr dashboard. A dashboard is the homepage of the Tumblr. It consists of 3 main sections.

Here is the list of those sections of the Tumblr dashboard.

  • The Top Bar Here you can see all the notifications, messages, and account settings and it has a search option.
  • The Main Feed– Here you will see posts of the account that you’re following. You can like and comment on these posts in your Tumblr dashboard. And you can scroll down from here to see more posts.
  • The Right Sidebar– Here you will see recommendations for the account and pots. You can also look into this section and then start following some interesting accounts.
  • The Left Sidebar– It consists of the blogs that you have posted and it also shows the message section. 

These basics help you to navigate through the Tumblr dashboard. In the updated version, there are many more new features. They have changed the place of the Icons as well.

Steps For How To Get the Old Tumblr Dashboard Back

Here are the steps that you have to follow to get the old Tumblr back. Make sure that you follow all the steps as it is. And if you have updated the Tumblr then do not worry. You can also try these steps to get the old dashboard back.

  • First of all, you have to locate the settings of your account. Click on the top right corner of the Tumblr. Here click on the profile icon and then on the settings icon that usually belongs to the top right corner.
  • Now scroll down until you see an option saying “Account settings”. Now click on the option saying “Dashboard preferences”. Here you have the right to change to the old dashboard of Tumblr.
  • Here you can do more settings of your dashboard like the background color,  the font color, and more.

By doing all these you can get the old tumbler back with no hassle. This is the only process to do this. So make sure that you follow the exact steps in this process. 

Why Go Back to the Classic Dashboard?

The new Tumblr dashboard design is clean and modern, but it lacks the visual appeal and customization options that made the classic dashboard so endearing. Many Tumblr users appreciated the ability to personalize their dashboards with themes, background images, and even custom HTML/CSS code. The new dashboard design, while efficient, takes away some of the individuality that users cherished.

Reverting to the classic dashboard can help you recapture that nostalgic Tumblr experience. You’ll have the freedom to customize your dashboard to your liking, allowing you to express your unique personality and style.


In conclusion, here is how to get the old Tumblr dashboard back. Tumblr is used by many people. And it is one of the easiest sites to use. It is all because of its easy interface. However, due to the competition in the market, they have updated many things in Tumbler.

However, if you’re still stuck with the old dashboard of Tumblr then you can change this anytime. This guide will provide you with the path to change the new dashboard. Because not everyone is comfortable with the new dashboard updates. 

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