How To Get Meat in Dwarf Fortress?

How To Get Meat in Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is a very simulated game. and it is very deep. Because there are very small details in that game that make it look real. And the best thing is you have to manage everything there just like the real life. If you want your dwarfs to be full and well fed then you will require meat. So here is the guide for how to get meat in dwarf fortress. 

Instead of the challenge that the dwarfs face meat is an important part of this game. And if you haven’t recognized the meat aspect of this game then you are at the right place to know more on this topic.

Tips For How To Get Meat In Dwarf Fortress

Here are some tips that you can use to get here. If you’re a beginner then follow all these as it is only then will you get meat for your dwarfs.

Setting the Hunting Zones

You have to set the hunting zones all by yourself. Only when the dwarfs get to work on the hunting, with the help of “I,” you can get access to different maps. And hunting is one such map. You can set the area on the map and can also name the animal that you want to hunt in that particular area.

Choose Dwarfs For Hunting

For hunting you will require some dwarfs. But the best thing is you can select the dwarfs that you want to set for hunting purposes. When you click “u” it will show a menu. With the help of this menu, you can sign the hunting area to dwarfs. These will hunt for you and bring the meat for other dwarfs.

Use the Right Equipment To Hunt

Now one of the most essential things for hunting is the equipment that you are using. Make sure that you use some good equipment for this purpose. There are specific whippets for hunting in this game. So try to unlock those equipment and then the quality and the quantity of the hunt will increase automatically.

Look For a Constant Meat Supply

The farm animals that you are using in this game can be a great source of regular meat supplies. So make sure that you use these animals from the meat supply as well. Because sometimes the hunting process can take time. And in the meantime, you can use those animals.


In conclusion, here is how to get meat in dwarf fortress. The process of hunting is related to various events. All those are mentioned here. If you will follow these events then you can get the meat in no time. Make sure that you apply all these while playing the game.

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