How To Get Kids To Hate English?

How To Get Kids To Hate English

English is a very important subject. And this subject is very important because half of the world is running on this language. So the kids need to learn this English language. But this language is not much loved by the kids. Here is the guide about how to get kids to hate English. If you will avoid these mistakes then you will save the interest of the child in this language.

Childhood is a very sensitive time and a small mistake can lead to disliking a certain language. And this creates a lifetime hindrance in the language learning process.

Disadvantages Of Hating The English Language For The Kids

Here is the list of those things that the child will face if they do not learn the English language properly. The age of the child will affect the learning process a lot. So it depends on which age he or she starts learning this language.

  1. Difficulty in reading and writing the language.
  2. Feeling underconfidence while speaking in public.
  3. Hesitation in making a social interaction with English-speaking people.

All these things can affect the progress of a child and it will directly affect the future. Because the English language is spoken in every part of the world. So it is important to learn this language above all the language. because a native language does not need effort to learn. It comes out naturally through the environment.

Things That Make The Kids To Hate English

Here is the list of things that make the English language hatering among the kids. So make sure that you avoid these factors to get rid of these things.

#1. Neglecting Real-World Applications

English is not just about dissecting poems and analyzing Shakespearean plays; It’s a tool for effective communication in the real world. Failing to connect English lessons to practical, real-life applications can leave students wondering about the relevance of the subject.

#2. Lack Of Resources

In countries where English is not the native language, the lack of resources creates boredom in the subject. Because all other subjects are in the native language reading one subject in a different language does not make much difference.

Providing enough books in the English language can save this. And these books should not be technical. Storybooks will work best in these cases.

#3. Rote Memorization

Rote memorization is not applicable in these cases. Because rote memorization leads to a loss of interest in the subject. And students think of it as a subject that they just need to pass.

So this should be avoided in the schools and at home as well. Teaching in a fun way can solve this situation. Engaging student while learning make them interested in the subject. 

#4. Strict Adherence To Traditional Texts

While classic literature holds immense value, a rigid insistence on only teaching traditional texts can alienate students. The language and themes of older works may feel outdated and irrelevant to a younger audience.

Integrating modern and diverse literature into the curriculum can bridge the gap between the past and present, making English more relatable and engaging for students.

How To Overcome This Problem With Kids?

There are various ways to overcome this problem. Make sure that you apply these on your level.

  1. Make sure to create a positive environment for the subject in school and at home as well.
  2. Focus on combining language learning with real-life situations. Only then the student will co-relate with the language.
  3. Have discussions with the kids on their favourite subjects in the English language.


In conclusion, Here is how to get kids to hate English. There are obvious reasons for this. And the base starts from the home. Try to understand the weak points of your child and then work on those points.

This guide will help you to understand the reason behind the dislike of the English language among kids. And some remedy techniques are also there. 

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