4 Ways to Get Disposable Camera Pictures on Your Phone

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Disposable cameras are widespread, they are cheap and easily available, most important, they’ve carried our old memories. But how to get those memories onto the phone, the answer is yes, you can learn here 4 Ways to Get Disposable Camera Pictures on Your Phone.

Disposable cameras don’t have memory cards, like digital cameras, so there are particular machines, that can print you the photo.

These shops are easily available, at malls or in your locality, you can search over the internet.

But here are some of the ideas, that can make a way out.

Can We Get Disposable Camera’s Pictures on our Phone?

Firstly, let’s understand why disposable cameras were widely used.

Fujifilm, a famous disposable camera brand, sold around 7 million units in the year 2017. It’s still popular, because of its price and simplicity like you don’t have to learn any settings, film or roll comes in the camera pre-installed, you can zoom in & out manually.

Although disposable cameras don’t have much quality, still it’s popular among tourists.

But in this day and age, social networking sites are a big aspect of our social life.

Disposable camera, the film can be converted into printables or in pen drives, through film shops nearby. Here in this article, we will speak regarding some ways to get that photos in digital format.

4 Ways on How to Get Disposable Camera Pictures on Your Phone

1. Transfer photos digitally by using a scanner

Transfer photos digitally by using scanner image

With scanners, you can scan the photos, and save them on your computer, then transfer those photos into your phone.

But first, you need to develop your film, for negatives or printed photos.

If you have print photos, you just need to scan them with your printer and save it on your computer.

To Scan the photo

  • Connect the printer with your computer
  • Then place the photo in the scanner
  • Tap on the scan button and save it.

If you have negatives, then there are printers that can scan negatives, but they are expensive and professional.

The closest option for you is to find a multifunctional office machine, such as low budget copier. This could be available to offices or any nearby manufacturer.

If you find it, then simply follow the instruction to scan the negatives, then save it on your computer.

Scan Negatives With Your Printer/Scanner

Scan negative with printer or scanner image

You can also scan negatives with your printer, not directly but you need some hacks to apply it. Also, some knowledge of photoshop.

Follow the steps to scan negatives with your printer –

Step-1: Place the negative image, in the center of the scanner.

Step-2:  Now, once you have placed the negative, then on the top of it, place a simple white paper.

Step-3: Now position a torch, lamp, or any source of light in the distance of 5 inches, and don’t close the lid.

Step-4: You can scan the photo and then save it on your computer/laptop.

Step-5: Now, all you need to do is open that photo in photoshop, or in any photo editing application. As a result, that photo will be inverted. You’ll need to apply the “Positive Exposure” tool to get the normal picture and it will be available in colors.

Step-6: Save that photo, and transfer it to your phone!

So, that’s how you can get disposable camera pictures into your phone. Easy isn’t it? All you need is a scanner.

2. Use Online Film Developing Sites

These sites are just online stores of the photo labs, it will be beneficial for you if there is no film developing stores nearby.

So, you will tell those sites to get your film developed in digital format or digitally, or whichever option you like printable, flash drive, etc.

They will collect the film from your house, and then provide those photos in whichever format you preferred. The charges may vary, according to sites and according to one’s needs.

List of some of the online film developing sites – 

3. Ask Photo Lab to Film in Digital Format

Another effective solution is to get disposable camera pictures into your phone.

You can ask, your nearest photo lab to develop the film and give it in digital formats, like CDs or Flash Drives.

Then, you can easily move it to your computer, from here you can easily transfer those photos into your phone.

You can find this photo lab or photo center in Walmart, or you can search it on the internet.

4. Get Disposable Camera Pictures on Your Phone – Scan Them With Your Phone

Get Disposable Camera Pictures on Your Phone - Scan Them With Your Phone Image

This method is useful for you, if you have developed the film, and have printed photos, but want to scan them digitally.

One of the ways to scan the photos and get them digitally is to use the printer, but if you don’t have access to them, you can simply use your smartphone.

You can take the photos with a normal camera and then crop them. Another method could be using a scanner app, to scan and save them.

You need to take clear pictures, to make it look natural, here are some tips –

  1. Don’t use Flashlight, instead use natural light.
  2. Place the Photo in a very stable environment, eg on the table.
  3. Don’t shake the camera, use a stand or an object to stabilize the camera.

After that, capture and crop them perfectly. 

If you prefer a camera with scanners, here are some apps for you –

  • Turbo Scanner
  • Scanner Pro
  • Genius Scanner
  • Photoscan by Google
  • Microsoft Lens
  • Adobe Scan

These are some of the scanners, to scan disposable camera photos with a smartphone.

Summing Up

These methods can help you to get your disposable camera’s pictures into your phone. Keep in mind, after getting the photos into your phone, you can print them digitally or send them on your Google Drive or any Cloud Storage.

It doesn’t matter which company’s film you have whether Kodak or Fujifilms; these methods can be used on any film or disposable camera.

I hope you find the article helpful 🙂

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