How To Get A Textbook In Royale High – A Guide

How To Get A Textbook In Royale High - A Guide

Royale High is one of the top-rated roblox games these days. Here you will have to complete various levels. The levels are completed by completing the quests only. A textbook is one of the items to complete the quest in Royal High. And here is how to get a textbook in Royale High. If you are stuck in this quest, you are at the right place for help.

We will guide you to get the textbook and help you to complete this quest. You will need a textbook in campus quest 3. And after completing this, you will get golden stars. And these stars will help you to gain the levels up powers.

So What is the Actual Process For How To Get A Textbook in Royale High?

  1. First of all, You have to understand that a textbook is a decoration.
  2. And you can not earn this. You have to purchase this decoration.
  3. And after purchasing this, you will put this in your locker.
  4. Whenever you need this, You will take the textbook out of the locker and use it to complete your quest.
  5. To find the textbook, you have to open your journal.
  6. On the second or third page, you will see the textbook quest.
  7. There you will get the option to purchase the textbook. To complete that quest the textbook is necessary. So the purchasing process is also very easy.

How You Can Use A Textbook in Royale High?

Once you have gained the textbook, now it is time to use this in your game. Many players acquire the textbook. But then forget how to use this properly. Well, there is nothing to worry about because we are here to guide you about the usage of textbooks in Royal High.

  1. First, you need to have a locker to keep the textbook.
  2. And once you secure your textbook in the locker, make sure to put a passcode on that locker.
  3. The textbook is also known as the locker decoration.
  4. So you have to put the textbook inside the passcode locker room.
  5. As soon as you open the book make sure to click on the relax option. And wait until the quest ends. This is the right way to use the textbook.

What is the use of textbooks in Royale High?

Now many will wonder what is the use of textbooks in Royale High. You will need the textbook at several places in the game. And it is not for one time only. So you have to keep the textbook in your locker. And make sure that it is kept secure for a long time.

Also, it will not be a waste of investment. But you will need this many times in your game. The first use will be during the Campus 3 quest. The other use will be at different quests like book check and, study sesh, and tidy textbook minigame.


Here is how to get a textbook in Royale High. You can not win a textbook in any quest. But you have to earn this. And by making a purchase, you will have the textbook. You can use the textbook at several quests in the Royale Honey. But you will encounter the textbook for the first time in quest 3.

Hence you have to purchase this textbook. By completing every quest, you will earn some gold coins. And these gold coins will help you to jump from one level to another. And if you’re playing this game then you have to complete these quests. There is no way you can skip these quests.

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