How To Get A Passport In KY {Help Guide}

How To Get A Passport In KY {Help Guide}

If you are trying for a passport in Kentucky, U.S., then how to get a passport in KY will be helpful to you.

Just keep all your documents for verification while booking an appointment for a passport. You can do it online from the U.S. Department of State’s website, or, by just calling your local passport office in Kentucky.

But it may take 9 weeks for your passport application at a local passport office in Kentucky. While 3 business expedited processing days as offered by Whereas, passport processing from Post Office takes an average of 12+ weeks and expedited service from the Post Office takes 9 weeks.

What Documents Are Required For Passport Appointment In KY?

In Kentucky, most of the documents required for the Passport appointment are first to bring a complete application form, a proof of U.S. citizenship like a birth certificate, a valid photo ID like a driver’s license, a recent passport-size photos.

But for certain specific situations, some other documents may be further required by the department. You may also check the below U.S. Department of State’s website for a detailed list of the required documents.

Site Link:-

How To Apply In Person At Daviess County Clerk?

One may apply in person for a passport at KY in the Daviess County Clerk’s office. Which is an approved Passport Acceptance Facility. But you must have to keep some documents ready, if applying in person for a passport in Kentucky, U.S.

Like if you are applying for your first U.S. passport. You are under the age of 16, your previous U.S. passport was stolen or, damaged. Your previous U.S. passport was issued more than 15 years ago. For some other details regarding passport renewal, you may visit ””

Documents Required

Applicant must be present with the required documents for the passport process at Daviess County Clerk’s Office in KY.

  1. If the applicant is a minor that means at the age of 15 and younger, then both parents to be available there.
  2. But children 16 or, 17 should have the presence of one parent is required.
  3. Certified birth certificate from the state where you were born, as birth certificates from the hospital are not accepted.
  4. Also, a valid Kentucky Driver’s license is required and a second form of identification is required. If you are presenting an out-of-state license.

Payments Required For Processing

There are two separate payments will be collected.

The first one is for the US Department of State:

This fee is accepted only in the mode of check or, money order.

The second one is for Daviess Co-Clerk:

This fee is accepted with cash, check, money order, or, credit card /debit card and a vendor fee will be applied. Application fees Payable to Daviess Co Clerk, Execution Fee, $35.00.

End Note

So, these are the details regarding how to get a passport in KY. Thus, if you have U.S. citizenship and want to make a passport in Kentucky then this information will be helpful to you.

Just keep ready all of the required documents and you should go for any one option to make your passport. If you want to International travel to your desired destination.

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