How To Get A Child Endangerment Charge Dropped – 3 Ways

How To Get A Child Endangerment Charge Dropped - 3 Ways

Let’s learn about how to get a child endangerment charge dropped in 2024 latest and the penalties regarding it. If you have found that you are charged with child endangerment, then the entire legal process is a little bit complicated and long. But there are several ways to overcome it and protect yourself from this situation.

What Is Child Endangerment?

Child endangerment is an intentional did to any minor, in a situation where the child is getting serious bodily harm. Even could be potentially killed or, cause physical pain or, mental anguish to the child. According to the Penal Code section 273a, California; Any act that endangers a child’s health is considered to be child endangerment.

Any individual, younger than 18 years of age; would be defined as a child. If someone is in this critical situation then should always consult with a child endangerment attorney. To find out if child endangerment is categorized as a felony or, misdemeanor. It will give clarity about the charges against someone and how to get a child endangerment charge dropped.

Penalties Under Child Endangerment

There are legal penalties if you get convicted of the felony count of child endangerment, under CPC 273a(a). These penalties are like,

– A state prison sentence of up to six(6) years,
– A fine of up to $10,000($10,000), or
– Both imprisonment and a fine.

On the other side, If you get convicted of a misdemeanor count, you may face the following child endangerment penalties:

– A county jail sentence of up to one(1) year,
– A $1,000(one thousand dollars) fine, or,
– There will be both jail time and a fine.

Note: Section 273a(a) is a ”wobbler” offense because you can get convicted of a misdemeanor or, felony. That depends on the facts of your case.

3 Ways For How To Get A Child Endangerment Charge Dropped

If someone is in such a situation then it is important to know the rights to overcome this condition. As the overall legal process is too long and complicated. But there are many ways to possibly overcome it. There are certain criteria to get a child endangerment charge dropped. You can do such things if you are facing this type of case:

#1. To Hire An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

In the situation of a child endangerment charge, you must have to hire an experienced criminal defense Attorney. Your lawyer will further help you to overcome it. If you have the right lawyer then there are the possibilities to reduce the child endangerment penalties. Also, an elder law attorney may have a positive impact on your case. In this way, your child endangerment charge dropped effectively in favor of you.

#2. Collect Evidence And Testimonials

You have to collect as much evidence as possible and the situation. This evidence may include witness statements, photos, videos, e-mail records, or, anything related to your claim.

That may help you to prove your innocence and in a positive favor of your case. Also on your mobile phone, evidence should be kept to give you relaxation regarding this condition to overcome.

#3. Defenses For Child Endangerment

You have to prove that you did not do anything to endanger your child. A defense attorney may handle the case in favor of you and ensure the prosecution has proper evidence to prove that you are not guilty of violating child endangerment laws. As you have not put the child in a dangerous situation with any intention.

End Note

I hope you can get some idea about the “how to get a child endangerment charge dropped” question when reading the above methods. Hope it may help you if you are in a situation of such case of child endangerment. Just take the help of a defense attorney with pieces of evidence to prove that you are innocent.

Any negligence may put you in this condition if you are not giving proper care to the child. If the child has been not given proper care by its parent or, the caretaker. Then one may find himself in a child endangerment case.


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