How To Fuck A Dog?

How To Fuck A Dog

Sex fantasies can include anything. One of the most common sex fantasies that a female can have is sex with a dog. It is not impossible. But it may sound weird for some people. But some people do this. There are several ways to do this. So here is the guide on how to fuck a dog. With some preventive measures, this is possible.

There are many things that one has to consider while having sex with a dog. You just cannot choose a random dog for sex. You need to consider the breed and all.

Because the behavior of every dog breed is very different. So you need proper guidance to do this. Otherwise, you may get yourself in some serious trouble.

Why Dog Is Selected For Animal Sex?

Suppose someone has a fantasy about the animal sex. Then, a dog will be their first choice. It is because of the following reasons.

  • The dog is the most accessible animal in the whole animal kingdom.
  • Also, it is straightforward to distinguish between the male and the female dogs.
  • So dogs can be used by both male and female human beings as sex partners.
  • Sex with animals comes under scrutiny. Especially with dogs because this species of animal is the most loyal. But a responsible owner will do sex with responsibility.
  • And try to make the animal comfortable in this. Without abusing the dog.
  • Also, it is very easy to handle the dogs compared to the other animals for sex. 

Tips For How To Fuck A Dog

There are different tips that you have to follow while fucking a dog. Here is the list of those things. Make sure that you follow all these. All these ensure that you remain safe during this whole process.

#1. Breed Selection To Fuck the Dog

Always remember that you can not start fucking a random dog. First, you have to do the breed selection. Always make sure that you avoid two types of dogs. The first one is the street dogs and the other is the small breed dogs like Pomeranian.

You have to ensure that you are using big-size breed dogs. Labrador and the German shepherd are the first choice for fucking. Because these dogs are relatively friendly. These dogs do not require much effort to handle. Never try to fuck a street dog. Because you will expose yourself to many unknown diseases. And in the end, you will suffer.

So never put the street dogs in your choice of selection. All breed dogs are short-tempered. So it is hard to handle them. So those dogs are also not considered suitable for fucking.

#2. Never Try To Give Them Training

It is a very common misconception that dogs need sex training. but it is not true. Because dogs will have sex with you once they will get comfortable around you. Remember that you can not give them training for this. And never try to do this either. Because you might end up irritating them and in the end, nothing will remain in your hand.

First of all, give the dog all your attention and care. So that they become comfortable around you. And then you can slowly involve them in sexual activities.

Why To Avoid Puppies For Sexual Intercourse?

Compared to the big dogs, puppies are relatively easy to handle. So there are a lot of people who try to have sex with puppies. It is not like that the puppies do not have their sexual cycle.

But since their sexual organs are underdeveloped. So if you will try to do such activities then the puppies can get hurt. So having puppies for fuck is not preferred. 

Essentials To Have Before Having Sex With Animals

There are a few essential things that you should get before fuck with your dog.

  • Make sure to get a lube.
  • Do not take any other lube.
  • You have to get the water-based lube.

There are many chemical-based lubes available in the market. Avoid those Because they might be safe for you but not for the dog. So make sure to use the water-based lube.

And make sure to use protection. This will protect you from having any bacterial infection down there. The reproductive areas are very sensitive. So you might catch any kind of infection from the dog. Protection comes first in all these cases.

How To Prepare the Dog For Sexual Intercourse?

Both male and female dogs prepare differently for sex. Compared to female dogs male dogs are easily approachable. Because the moment you start placing your hands on your dog’s sensitive organs he will turn up.

But the female dog has a whole cycle to come in heat. And remember that do not try to have sex with her at that time. Because she becomes very aggressive at that time. And the chances are that it will hurt you. Wait for her after a period. And once she stops bleeding you can try to have intercourse with the female dogs.

If you want your dogs to repeat the sexual process and again then start with small steps. And eventually, they become habitual with this thing. Never try to force the dog in any way.

Tips To Do Oral Sex With Dogs

Dogs are naturally attracted to the smells. It is because they have sensitive buds on their noses so they remember the smells very well. If you want to have oral sex with the dog or if you want a way to remember that fuck to your dog. Then make him smell your vagina and all. Because the moment you will put that in front of your dog they will start smelling it. And dogs have the habit of licking everything. 

So whenever they smell that again the dog will remember what they need to do in this moment. And say the appreciative word while doing all these things.

Because if you will treat them with more love during that time. Then the dog will like to do it against and again. And if you use abusive language or if you force them for anything then they will try to stay away from these things.

Having Sex With a Dog is Legal Or Not?

Always remember to avoid these things in public. Also if you fuck your dog then try not to share it with someone else. Because having sex with animals is a crime. Even if your dog likes that. It is still a crime.

You might get in jail and have to pay a huge amount of fine for this. So it is better to practice alone. And keep it secret. Never try to expose this in public for just some attention.


In conclusion, Here is the safety guide on how to fuck a dog. This guide will help you to fuck a dog with proper precaution. It is not legal to fuck any animal. So make sure that you are using your pet dog for this.

Precautions with the breed that you are selecting. Not every breed of dog is suitable for this purpose. This guide will help you to practice safe sex with your dog. Make sure to follow all of this advice as it is.

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