How To Fix White Spots On Phone Screen {5 Best Ways}

How To Fix White Spots On Phone Screen {5 Best Ways}

Display is one of the most important components of a smartphone, but this important component is also one of the most sensitive components. So it is very important to take care of your screen; Otherwise, you will face different display issues. Now, among different display issues, seeing white spots on the phone is the most common one. So, this blog will help you find different solutions for how to fix white spots on phone screen without getting into any trouble.

If you see a spot on your phone screen, then don’t worry because bright spots don’t always indicate a damaged display. One can easily fix the problem at your home. Let’s get into it.

Reason Why Your Phone’s Display Has White Spots

Reason Why Your Phone's Display Has White Spots

Before finding a correct solution to fix white spots, it is important to know the reasons that lead to white spots on your phone’s display. If you know the right reason, it will be easier for you to choose the best solution.

Also, you will be careful in the future regarding your phone’s display. Below are some common reasons behind the bright spots on the phone’s display.

#1. Pixel Issues

If you see ultra-tiny white dots on the phone’s screen, you are very lucky. This is because you can solve this issue on your own. This case is called stuck pixel, which means a single pixel is stuck.

Stuck here means the pixel is not showing colors other than white. But remember, this issue impacts only one or two pixels, which means you will see ultra-tiny white dots.

#2. Pressure On Screen

Whether your phone has an LCD, LED, or even AMOLED display, all these displays are ultra-thin. So a little pressure over the screen can damage them. If the pressure is too high, the screen may go black on the impact area, or it will stop working completely.

But if the pressure is mild, the impact area on the display will become white, leading to a bright spot on your phone. Now, the size of the bright spot depends upon the impact area and pressure.

#3. Dust Intervention

This is very important. If a smartphone falls multiple times or it is opened for repairing purposes many times, it is not glued perfectly, leading to some spaces. Mostly, these spaces are left between the edge of the back structure and the display glass.

This space is enough for dust and other small particles to enter inside the phone. These particles are stuck straight over the display, leading to white spots on the screen.

#4. Software Issues

Any smart device is a combination of hardware and software. We have seen all major hardware issues above, so it’s time for software issues. However, software issues are not always responsible for this.

But sometimes the display might not work properly or go white overall due to software issues. These issues are mostly related to malicious software/applications, outdated software, etc.

How To Fix White Spots On Phone Screen – 5 Ways

How To Fix White Spots On Phone Screen - 5 Ways

Now that we have learned about the possible reasons behind white spots on screen, it’s time to know the ways to fix them. We will see four different ways to fix white spots, and these solutions will work for every smartphone.

#1. Restart The Phone

If the reason for the white spot on the phone’s screen is pixel stuck. This solution will work for sure. Just press the power button and choose Restart. You can also Turn Off the phone for some time, and the stuck pixel will start working properly. And the tiny white spot will vanish from the display.

#2. Screen Replacement

If the reason behind the white spot is pressure on display or any type of physical damage, you can’t do anything. It is not advised to go for the repair process on your own. However, in such cases, screen replacement is the only option, and it must be carried out by professionals only.

But yes, if the spot is not big and does not affect you negatively, you can wait for some time. In the case of modern displays, the bright spot might lose its existence completely or become hardly visible. But this will happen only if the damage or the impact is too little.

#3. Display Cleaning

If dust or other unwanted particles are stuck on the display or display glass, you must visit a customer service center for cleaning. The display can also be cleaned gently so it doesn’t lead to screen replacement.

But remember, gentle cleaning is recommended. If there is a thick layer of dust, then the professional will suggest screen replacement. Coming to the glass, there will be no issues in cleaning the glass.

#4. Proper Sealing

As mentioned above, the front glass of the phone is not glued properly with the back structure, due to which a space is left.

  • Firstly, it will become an entrance for dust and other particles.
  • Secondly, due to excessive air, the display might go white around the edges(where there is space).
  • So just purchase a mobile repairing glue and seal your phone properly.
  • It will remove the white area from the edges and also prevent unwanted particles from entering the phone.

#5. Software Troubleshooting

If you are sure there is no physical damage, there is a chance that some application or software is causing this issue. One of the best software fixes that will help you is reset your phone. It means deleting everything and resetting your phone. Before doing this, make sure to back up your data and other useful information. Secondly, you can uninstall the new applications after which you are facing this issue.

Most importantly, update your phone to the latest version, and don’t forget to update every app on your phone. Viruses are also sometimes responsible for white spots, So delete all suspicious files.

Wrapping Up

Facing white spots on the screen is a very problem. Sometimes, It’s not very serious and can be solved easily without any high expenditure. But sometimes the reason behind this problem is very serious and can force you to spend a large amount of money. The above article will tell you about everything related to white spots on screen.

From their causes to solutions and ways to prevent such issues, this article will be a game changer for everyone who is searching for how to fix white spots on phone screen.

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