How To Fix Disney Plus Protected Content License Error?

Disney Plus

Disney+ is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand OTT platforms. And it also goes through a few errors. So how can you able to fix Disney+ protected content license error?

About Disney+ OTT platform –

Disney+ is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand OTT platforms today. Due to Disney’s rich history and content, the OTT platform is a must-have. Right from the Marvel movies to the Pirates of the Caribbean. And also the kid’s special Disney movies and content, Disney provides a huge amount of content.

You can play various movies, series, and animations on Disney+ today. Disney also makes sure that they provide quality content to all of its subscribers. All the Disney movies are available on the app after a few months. While a number of series are exclusively released on the Disney+ app itself.

Around the United States and the globe, Disney+ is subscribed and available at a reasonable price. Smart TVs, Roku devices, and even cable and internet providers provide the subscription now.

So it is obvious that you will also struggle with a few errors with Disney+. Well no OTT platform is free of glitches. You will face issues with the app a few times no matter what.

Exactly what is the problem with Disney Plus protected content license error?

The Disney+ protected content error is an error message that appears due to various reasons. You will mostly find it on the Roku streaming devices. Also in the Roku Smart TVs, you might come across the error.

What are the possible reasons for the Disney+ protected content license error?

1 . Disney exclusively holds the license to all its content, movies, series etc. Notably, The Disney+ app may display an error message when you attempt to use it with a hack, So this is to be expected when you want to disney+ access using some unauthorized activities.

  1. When your Roku device or smart TV has not been restarted and is full of junk, you might see the protected content error.
  2. Of course, The Disney plus content is now available in Dolby Atmos. Thus if your device does not support Dolby Atmos, you will see the error.
  3. If your internet is unstable you will see lagging and error messages.
  4. When your HDMI cable is too old or if the HDMI slot of your device is facing issues, you will see such errors.
  5. When your subscription to Disney+ ends you might see such errors due to a glitch.

How can you able to fix Disney plus protected content license error Message?

1 . Make sure that your subscription is still valid. Check the date and make payment to the app to get the subscription.

  1. Do not use a third party, fake or MOD APKs to watch Disney plus content.
  2. You can restart your Roku device or Smart TV.
  3. Then, Clear the caches as well as cookies of your device.
  4. Make sure your device supports Dolby atmos.
  5. Change the HDMI cable and get an updated one.
  6. Make sure that the Disney + app is up to date.
  7. Try an ethernet cable connection directly from your modem to your Roku device or TV.

What if these tricks do not resolve the Disney+ protected content license error?

There are times when these tricks might not work. If this does not work, you are in for some more struggle. You can try calling the Roku manufacturers and try to get it fixed. They will ask you to troubleshoot the Roku device. Also, the tech team might be able to send you a software update. The update usually takes a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet.

Also, you can get in touch with the help desk of the Disney plus team. They can redo and revalidate your subscription. Once this is done, you will need to log in again to your Disney+ app. They might even suggest you change the password in case your app account has been hacked.

You can also try to sign in with your friend’s or family’s account. This will allow you to check if your account is faulty or the device.

Disney+ being a famous OTT platform has a strong tech team. This team is always on board to help out the customers who are in need. Do not ever worry due to such error messages. These are temporary errors which get fixed sometimes by themselves.

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