How to fix com apple commerce client error 500

How to fix com apple commerce client error 500

In recent times a lot of mac OS Mojave users, Are facing an issue called “com apple commerce client error 500”. This occurs when the user is either trying to login to their device. Or try to download something. The download is mostly prevalent in the App Store. Also, You may face the error while you are purchasing on your App Store, Even though you might be downloading a free application; The error may still occur on your device. In this article, We’ll try to find what is causing the following error and what can we do to resolve the following.

What is com apple commerce client error 500 error

Officially, not many people face this particular problem. And even though some people might face the issue. It gets resolved automatically. Or after a quick restart. But if the problem persists we need to look for different methods to resolve it. I have been wondering on the internet, Looking for the best solution and what are the causes of this error. And what I find is there could be many reasons for this particular error to occur. And I will share with you all the following reason and how to resolve it.

Corrupt Data/Cache

The key reason for such error may be because of your local data corruption in the app store. App Store saves the data on both your local device and on their server. Whenever both server and your device shows different behavior than the App Store might be giving you the following error.

Error in payment details

If your credit card is max-out or is not able to receive a payment request. This might trigger the App Store to thinking there is something fishy with your account. If you think that there is some problem with your payment method, Simple just update your payment information with new details.

Problem with your i Cloud account

Apple devices are known for their great software and hardware integration. And there are very rare occurrences when you face problems with their software. But for this error, this might be the case. Your iCloud could be corrupted and need to be reset in order to function well again.

Problem with digital certificate

While making purchases there is a lot of going on, And one of its aspects is to identify the digital certificate from the verified publisher. If the App Store is unable to communicate through your device, Then this might be a reason for the following error.

Now that we know what was causing the ‘com apple commerce client error’, Now we can tackle the problem one at a time. We will go through multiple solutions to resolve this issue. You do not have to follow all of them, just stick with one and check if your problem is still there, Do restart of your device after every method for better results.

1) Reset your iCloud on your Mac OS

Apple is an ecosystem of itself. You can use apple id to sign-in with your all devices. Doing this may be a convenience for your devices, But this might trigger a little problem like that you are facing right now. You can resolve this simple problem very easily; Because you only need to sign-out and sign-in in your device again. This simple trick can easily resolve the issue that you are facing on your device.

Step 1: Click on the Apple Logo on the top left bar of your desktop. And choose system preference.

Step 2: Now you need to Logout of your device, You’ll find the sign-out button in the bottom left of your popup screen.

Step 3: Restart your computer after signing-out from the iCloud.

Step 4: Sign-In again with your login credentials and you’ll see that the error is no longer visible.

2) Modify Key chain Access

As I mentioned earlier in the article, Apple stores data in your local machine and also in their cloud server, For this reason, Both data should be similar or else you might encounter the error. Key chain Access stores all the login credentials and sensitive information about your device. If this gets buggy then you might face many errors one of them is ‘com apple commerce client error 500’. But Apple also allows you to modify the digital certificates from your local machine to work properly with your device. We need to change the setting of DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA in order to restore the system settings.

Step 1: Click on the Control + Space button to make the spotlight appear, Once that occurs, Search for the Key chain Access.

Step 2: Visit the System Roots Panel.

Step 3: Find the DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA and double-click to modify settings

Step 4: Change the When using this certificate to Never Trust

Step 5: Now change the same setting again to Use System Defaults

Step 6: This solution will most probably solve the issue that you are facing. Now you can download and sign-in in your devices.

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