How To Fix A Cracked TV Screen Without Replacing It?

How To Fix A Cracked TV Screen Without Replacing It

We are going to give you some easy tips and tricks regarding how to fix a cracked TV screen without replacing it.

By using simple DIY methods, you can repair small scratch marks or, cracks in the television. Whether it is an LCD, Plasma, or, LED TV; It is simple to do it by applying a pencil eraser. That saves money and lots of time too.

Also, minor spiderweb cracks can be easily repaired by us at home. But major cracks in your television screen, like, vertical lines, major spiderwebs, and horizontal lines must be repaired by a professional. But before starting any DIY repair, first check the warranty period. That covers your repairs of the TV by the service center. Let’s try some DIY methods to fix the television screen.

How To Repair Minor Scratches And Spiderweb Cracks?

First, use a new pencil eraser that should be dry. Then gently rub the scratches or, spiderweb cracks until marks or, scratches fade away. Apply this process gently and as much as required, so that the marks fade. Also, do not forget to wipe away the residues coming from the eraser while rubbing the pencil eraser on the screen.

If this DIY method does not work then you should try to purchase an LCD scratch repair kit. This kit is easily available at many vendors or, online. Thus by applying this scratch repair kit, you may fix your TV screen cracks.

How To Repair Dead Pixels?

There is a common problem people face with their TV screen is the dead pixels issue. In this problem, pixels stuck to one color or, become overly bright. Due to this picture resolution becomes affected. However, by doing some simple steps, one may resolve this problem. For this, wrap a pencil or, any other narrow object in a damp but soft cloth.

But the cloth should be non-abrasive. After that start rubbing each dead pixel gently to evoke those pixels. Also do not forget to rub the dead pixels with a very soft hand, as hard rubbing may damage your TV screen pixels permanently.

Thus if you do not get any positive results while doing it, then you must go for some free software. Some of these software are free of cost and work to the pixels to evoke them.

Which TV Companies Offering Warranty To Cracked Screen?

LG TV company only covers a cracked screen of your television for a limited period after purchase. But the warranty should not been voided. However, the warranty does not cover the screen damage that happens due to any external force or, impact.

Similarly, Samsung company covers the cracked screen warranty if the crack is not caused due to any external force. That means damage is not caused due to any physical force.

How To Get A New TV Screen?

If the above-mentioned DIY tips do not work on your cracked TV screen, then you should go for a new TV screen. You should call customer support and claim for a new one under the warranty period.

If the warranty does not exist then buy a new screen for your television either LCD or, LED. Be careful about mentioning the model number of your TV before ordering customer service support. You may also purchase it from other sources online. As the television screen is an expensive part, it costs much.

End Note

These are all about how to fix a cracked TV screen without replacing it. So, while doing the DIY methods be careful. Because the television screen is an expensive part. If the warranty exits then some companies replace the broken screen with the new one.

Thus, first, you should try to fix the problem by yourself at home. You may also try some software which is free of cost and resolves the problem. In these ways, one should fix the cracked TV issue without replacing it.

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