How To Find The Exact Time A Video Was Uploaded?

How To Find The Exact Time A Video Was Uploaded

We are fond of YouTube videos. And we all love a creator that we admire the most. So taking a history of the video is essential. And the exact time a video has been uploaded says a lot about your creator’s time. So here is the guide on how to find the exact time a video was uploaded. There are ways to check this.

It is not tough work. You need to have some information about YouTube. This guide will help in every way possible for this.

Basics About the YouTube Video Uploading

Before going into the details, It’s essential to understand the YouTube video uploading criteria.

There are two ways to upload the video.

  1. One is direct uploading
  2. And the other way is scheduling the video.

By scheduling the creator sets a fixed time to upload the video. And as soon as the timer goes out the video uploads automatically. It helps big creators to maintain the same time of video uploading.

Different Ways To Know the Time Of Video Uploading

There are different ways to check this. Here is a list of those ways. You can use all these to get the best possible results.

#1. Use the Data Viewer To Check the Exact Time Of Uploading

Data viewer is among the best ways to get this information. If you want the exact information then this website will help you. All you have to do is enter the URL of the video in the box and check. You will get all the necessary information regarding the time and all.

Website URL


#2. Check the Video’s Bottom Portion For Time

If you are looking for a more simple way then all you have to do is open the video and look at the bottom. Here you will get the information regarding how many hours before and days before the video was uploaded.

The total number of likes and views on the video and the comment section is also right below the YouTube video. This is the easiest method to get the information regarding the video uploading time. Also, you can read the description of the video from this area.

#3. Read the Comments Below the Video

If both of the above ways are not working. Then you can check the video uploading time by the comments. Read the oldest comments. The time of the comment is presented below the comment.

So you will get the idea bout the time of uploading the video. This is a little more time-consuming way than the other.


In Conclusion, Here is the guide on how to find the exact time a video was uploaded. There are several ways to check these times. You can use it either way. So you can try them all. The video uploading time tells a lot about the creator.

Their strategies for posting the videos and all. You can observe the video uploading algorithm through these time frames. This guide will help to know the video upload of any video on YouTube.


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