How To Find A Lifx Light Bulb Address {A Guide}

How To Find A Lifx Light Bulb Address {A Guide}

We are living in a smart digital world, and almost every human is habitual in using smart gadgets like smartwatches, smartphones, etc. Now the picture goes bigger with the smart homes concept, and when it comes to smart homes, the first thing that strikes mind is a smart lighting system. Though there are many companies offering smart lighting systems, Lifx is one of the most popular and trusted globally. Here we will find a LIFX light bulb address.

Lifx light bulbs are very commonly used even in traditional homes as they provide such homes with a smart touch. But like every technological product, you may find some issues with Lifx light bulbs, like connectivity issues.

Now, while handling such issues, the first question that troubles everyone is how to find a Lifx light bulb address. Here in this blog, we will share with you some most effective and instant ways to find a LIFX light bulb address. So let’s get into it.

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How to Find A Lifx Light Bulb Address:3 Ways

If you want to find a LIFX light bulb address, just follow this blog till the end, and you will never face such issues. Now, without much gossip, let’s move to our first way.

#1. Bulb Base

Mostly, All Lifx bulbs come with addresses printed on their base. But people aren’t aware of this. One of the possible reasons behind the lack of awareness is the MAC address is not mentioned in the bulb’s base. Simply put, the address is printed with a different name called Serial Number or S/N.

Every Lifx bulb has a unique serial number, and this serial number is associated with the Wi-Fi chip inside that bulb. This Wi-Fi chip, along with unique S/N, allows the bulb to connect identically on the network. It means one can easily identify the bulb on the network.

Now, this S/N or serial number is nothing but the MAC address. The only thing to remember is the format of the MAC address. So you just have to convert this S/N number printed in the bulb into MAC address format, and we will tell you how to convert the serial number into MAC address.

Follow the below steps for conversion:-

  • Suppose the S/N is D073D5998745. Just add a colon after every two characters, and now this S/N will look like D0:73:D5:99:87:45.
  • And you are done with your mission of finding the Lifx bulb address.
  • Notably, all Lifx bulbs have serial numbers starting with D073D5.

#2. Lifx App

This is another simple way to find the Mac address of a Lifx light bulb. When you are using a smart bulb, it’s obvious it is connected to your smart devices like smartphones.

Follow the steps below to find the Lifx build address using the Lifx app.

Step-1First of all, Open the Lifx App on your smartphone.

Step-2: Then, Choose the bulb whose Mac address you have to find and tap on it.

Step-3Now, under the chosen bulb’s page, tap on three dots at the top right corner.

Step-4: Tap on Light settings and scroll to the bottom. Here, you will find the Serial Number or S/N, and you can convert it easily. We have already discussed the way to convert S/N into MAC address.

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#3. Router

This is a little bit technical. But if you are not in reach of a physical Lifx bulb and don’t have the app, then you have to take the help of a router to find the unique Mac address of the bulb. But don’t worry. If you follow the steps below, you will not find this difficult.

Step-1: First, Login to your Router Admin Page by entering the Router’s IP address on the web browser. The simple way to do this is by logging in through the Router’s app. The login information is available at the bottom of the router.

Step-2: Now, you have to open the settings section or advanced settings.

Step-3: Under the settings, find Device Manager or Devices. This section will show you all the devices connected to the Wi-Fi network. You just have to find the Lifx light bulb, and by default, its name starts with Lifx, and its Mac address starts with D0:73:D5. You will also find the IP address in this section.

Wrapping Up

Finding the address of a Lifx bulb is not a difficult task. As it is a digital smart device, you can fetch all its information using multiple digital sources like routers and applications. Most importantly, you don’t have to burden yourself by doing anything complex or time-consuming. Just take out the bulb and check its base.

You will find the MAC address in the form of a Serial Number. As we have already discussed the way to change S/N into MAC, you will not face any connectivity issues anymore.

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