How To Fake A Fever With An Infrared Thermometer?

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In general, faking a fever with an infrared thermometer is a very easy process. you can warm up your body and it will automatically show increased temperature. here are all the tricks that you can do to make a fever.

To Learn How to fake fever with an infrared thermometer?

Sample Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometers came into the trend after the corona period. Every single mall, office, and public place are using these thermometers to measure the temperature. It takes forehead temperature. In addition, I recommend using the infrared thermometer as a safe choice. It protects from contagious diseases like corona, cold, etc. That’s why the whole world is using infrared thermometers. Of course, There are doctors who use infrared thermometers to assist them in diagnosing patients. They have more durability than all the thermometers.

What is the common working principle of the infrared thermometer?

Every object emitted some amount of thermal radiation. If the object is at a high temperature then the emitted radiation will be high. Infrared thermometer measures body temperature through these radiations. The maximum temperature for the human body is 98.6 F. However, until 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit it considers normal. Because sometimes physical activities increase the body temperature. Faking a fever in front of an infrared thermometer is hard but not impossible. In this article, I will tell you how to fake fever with an infrared thermometer.

To Learn How do you make a fake fever?

Through the use of an infrared thermometer, we can determine the temperature of the forehead.  Hence, you will need to increase the forehead temperature in order to fake a fever. There are only two ways to check the fever. It is either by touching the body or through a thermometer.

In the corona time, doctors avoid touching the patients. In the end, there is only one option left, and that is a thermometer. So, the temperature rise is the main thing in faking a fever. If you are faking a fever then you should show some characteristics of fever too. Like a cough, dizziness, sneezing, stuffy nose, red chicks, etc.

Want To Know How to increase body temperature?

There are plenty of ways to increase body temperature without actually getting a fever. Some of them are listed below. If you will follow these steps properly your body temperature will increase automatically. But, these tricks work only for a short period of time. So, You will need to be quick with these.

#1.Spicy food

Spicy Food Images

Eating spicy food will induce all the symptoms similar to fever. It will make your nose runny, your eyes watery, and your face seems swollen. and due to the spiciness the temperature around your ear, and nose increases which can help you fake a fever. If you are someone who can not stand spiciness then it will work best for you.  Also, the symptoms will persist for a longer time.

#2. Jumping jacks

This is another very effective method to fake a fever instantly. Doing jumping jacks makes your blood flow towards the brain and increases your heartbeats. Make sure you do not drink water while doing jumping jacks. This will make you look more dehydrated and weak. Within a short period of time, you can fake fever with jumping jacks.

#3. Eating or drinking something warm

In order to make your body warm you can use a hot water bottle. Now, put that bottle on your forehead to increase the temperature. Drink warm water, soup, or tea. By doing so you will be increasing the inner mouth temperature. Drink all the warm things available in excess quantity. Please note that this trick is good and works well for the oral thermometer.

How to fake a fever for school?

Generally, oral thermometers are used in the house because the infrared thermometer is expensive and requires care in handling. Faking a fever with an oral thermometer is very easy. Apply these tricks carefully.

#1. Hot water

Hot Water Image

As a matter of fact, Under hot water, it is possible to run the thermometer. This will increase the temperature automatically. In addition, You can make sure the thermometer is at the right temperature before handing it over. Make sure the temperature should not go too high. It is fine to have a fever of up to 100 F. It is considered to be a mild fever up to 100 F.

#2. Rubbing

Rub the tip of the thermometer with the help of your index finger. In fact, Mercury is present in oral thermometers. Mercury is very temperature sensitive. When mercury receives a small amount of heat it goes up due to raised temperature. You can see the temperature rise clearly during this method. So, you can stop around 100 F. The chances of getting caught are very low in this method.

#3. Use blanket

Man use blanket

Cover yourself under warm clothes for about 15 to 20 minutes. Afterward, you can measure the appropriate temperature. Do not drink anything during this period, especially anything cold. Avoid contact with the cold things. That is why it will make your temperature go down instantly.


In conclusion, faking a fever is very easy, and doing yourself without getting into any trouble. As a result of their very high sensitivity to temperature, infrared thermometers are often used. SO, they can detect even the slightest change in the temperature. Make sure you show them the symptoms of the fever along with the temperature. You can also shake the thermometer to increase its temperature.

Do you know about that trick? In order to raise the temperature of your body, you should cover yourself with a blanket. You can try a hot patch or hot water bottle. Put a hot water bottle on your forehead and on your palms. By putting that on your forehead the temperature will go up instantly for a few minutes. All the above techniques are 100 percent effective in increasing body temperature. However, if you use an infrared thermometer and create a fake fever, I hope you will learn how to do this.

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