PowerPoint presentations offer data in the digital medium. PowerPoint presentations contain different kinds of data formats. It may contain data in the text along with audio and video format. Whoever has the PowerPoint files may reuse the information while creating any new file. To use the video embedded in the PPT one needs to extract it from there to a new location.

The Necessity of Windows Explorer:

To avail the embedded media from the PowerPoint file one must set File Explorer. File Explorer which was previously known as Windows Explorer helps in searching files with different file extensions. The process of extractions of video from the PowerPoint file includes a change in the file extension.

Setting up File Explorer for Windows 8 & Windows 10:

Open the File Explorer. Go to the “View” menu. Then go to the “Show/Hide” group and select the checkbox for “File Name Extension”.

Setting up Windows Explorer for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP:

Open the Windows Explorer and then go to the “Folder and Search” option. For Windows 7 it will be under “Organize”. For Windows Vista or Windows XP, you need to go to the “Tools” menu and then click on the “Folder” options.

Clear the checkbox for “Hide Extension for Known File Types” under the “File and Folder” options on the “View” tab and finally click “Ok”.

Steps to Extract Video File from PowerPoint:

After your File Explorer is completely set you need to follow a few steps to extract any video from any PPT.

Step-1:- At first make a copy of the specific PPT that contains the video you want to extract.

Step-2:- Then rename the copied file and change its extension from “.pptx” to “.zip”. After changing the extension press enter. Then a dialog box will appear showing a warring that if you change the extension the file may become unusable.

Step-3:- Click yes for that dialogue box to continue. Then the file transformed into a folder.

Step-4:- Open the Zip folder which will contain multiple folders.

Step-5:- From there open the PPT folder. Then go to the Media Folder where you will find images, video, and audio files.

Step-6:- Choose the specific video file(s) which will have a generic name. Then copy that file and paste it to your desired location. Rename the file. The file will automatically get unzipped when the file is copied to another location.

Step-7:- You may also use the Extract button from Windows Explorer to extract the specific Video File to another location.

Important Note: linked media files remain un-extracted.


These are easy steps to extract any video embedded into the PPT. Now use any video from one PPT to another.

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