How To Extend Light Height On Aerogarden?

How To Extend Light Height On Aerogarden

Are you wondering how you can extend the light height on Aerogarden? Here is the light extension technique of the Aerogarden. To increase your plant’s height you have to adjust the height of the aero garden height. You can also reduce the intensity and temperature of the aero garden device.

To Learn How To Extend The Light Height Of Aero Garden

Aerogarden harvest is very popular these days. It is the modern way of gardening at home with the increasing population and the living spaces becoming shorter and shorter. So, people are finding different ways to do gardening indoors. Aerogarden is one such example. If you are a garden lover or you love to grow vegetables at home but you do not have enough space then an aero garden is for you. Aerogarden is a space-friendly option for all your garden needs

Some people need to learn how to use this properly. Here is the answer to some complicated questions like how to extend light height in an aero garden.

What is an aero garden?

Aero garden is an indoor plant-growing technique. This is used mostly in winter. But If you have a small house then you can also use this throughout the year. It is a small self-contained unit that has everything that a plant requires. Like the water pump, the light, and the air source. So you do not even need sunlight to grow plants in this unit. It has its environment and the best thing is that you can adjust the environment according to your plant.

So it is like a blessing for those people who want to do farming indoors. It is best for beginner gardeners because instructions related to nutrients and water are properly mentioned in the aero garden.

Why do you need to extend the light height in the Aerogarden?

There could be several reasons to extend the light hood in the aero garden. If you want to grow the height of your plant then you have to do the light extension. Because the light source in the aero garden is right above the planting surface. If you want to decrease the light intensity then you also have to adjust the light hood. So the reason could be many. It is easy to adjust the light source height and you can even reduce the intensity.

Disadvantages of Aerogarden

Aero gardens have a lot of advantages but they have some disadvantages too. Here is a list of some disadvantages of the aero garden.

1) Aero gardens have space for every plant but some plants take more than desired space. So because of this, the aero garden becomes crowded. And the growth of the plants hinders the growth of other plants. So other plants do not grow properly.

2) If you do not clean the auto garden regularly then many bacteria and fungi will start to grow inside the aero garden. These bacteria will affect your plants and reduce their growth. So regular cleaning is required in aero gardening.

3) Not everyone can afford an aero garden. It is very expensive and if you want to grow plants on a large basis then it is not possible in a single aero garden. Because it is comparatively small. One aero garden costs around $250. This cost does not include the maintenance cost of the aero garden. And this price is the starting price of any aero garden. So it is very expensive for ordinary people to use.

Light height extension of the Aerogarden

On the aero garden device, you will see many adjustment options. You can change the temperature, light intensity, and all with the help of those buttons. So there is a button option that says the light extension. You can adjust the height of your aero garden with the help of that button. But if you want to decrease the light intensity then it will be a little difficult. Because the light intensity changes itself. So you may face some difficulties adjusting to the light of the Aerogarden.

Advantages of Aerogarden

There are several advantages of having an aero garden. You can grow your desired vegetable in a small and compact space. The vegetable that will grow here is completely chemical-free. So you will get 100% natural vegetables from the aero garden. You do not have to keep in mind the nutrient supply of your plants. Aero garden will remind you about the nutrient supply as well as the water supply. So it will give indications when it is the right time to water your plants. So become carefree and your plants receive good care. Because of its light and temperature adjustment system. It adjusts the right temperature and intensity according to the plant’s needs.


In conclusion, here is how you can extend the light height in the Aerogarden. Aero garden creates a desirable environment for plant growth. But to increase the plant height you have to adjust the light height of the aero garden. Here is how you can do that. It is a very easy and simple procedure to do. Hope you all will find this helpful.

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