8 Real Ways to Earn Rs 5000 Per Day in India

How to Earn ₹5,000 Per Day In India

India’s per capita income is approx – ₹160,000, which means an average Indian earn less than ₹500 per day. But there are ways to increase your Income and earn Rs 5,000 per day. In this article, we’ve mentioned eight practical ways to make Rs 5,000 per day.

But before we begin, making Rs 5000 per day won’t happen immediately. You need to invest your time and energy; most importantly, you should be willing to learn new skills.

Here is a list of the ways to earn Rs 5000 per day –

  1. Start a Business
  2. Invest in Real Estate, Share Market, etc.
  3. Content Creator
  4. Freelancing
  5. Web development/ Software development
  6. E-commerce business
  7. Be a CEO
  8. Consultancy Coaching

How to Earn Rs 5000 Per Day (8 Real Ways)

Around 76 lakh individuals in India earn about 10 lakh – 1 crore rupee. If we want to make five thousand per day, we require an annual income of ₹18 lakhs. That means it is possible to earn 18 lakh+ in India.

So here are some of the ways to earn Rs 5000 per day in India.

#1. Start a Business

Business is a way to be rich or ultra-rich, as there is no limit on what you earn. The book defines business as making money by selling or producing something (product or service) where you are the owner.

There are various types of businesses you can start –

  • Service-based business – A business that provides service to the customer, services like DTH connection, Netflix subscription, OLA taxi, etc. These are all service-based businesses; they aren’t selling you a product; instead, they are giving you a service, and every time you use them, you have to pay for it.
  • Product-based business – A product is an item offered for sale, like a mobile phone you have or day-to-day things like toothpaste, utensils, etc. Product-based business manufacture products and sell them in a market.
  • Trading businesses – Trading businesses don’t own a product or a service; They buy the product from the manufacturer and sell it to customers. For example, Apple makes iPhone and sell it to an Amazon seller for ₹90,000, and now an Amazon seller sells it on Amazon for ₹1,00,000, so they made a profit of ₹10,000 without owning or creating a product.

Suppose you can offer a product or service. Else, you can start a trading business.

Earning Potential –


Business man salary

  1. Lowest Earnings – 1 Lakh per Annum (Approx ₹273 per day)
  2. Average Earnings – 5 Lakh per Annum (Approx ₹1370 per day)
  3. Above Average Earnings – 24 Lakh per Annum (Approx ₹6,575 per day)

Source – Ambitionbox.com

Conclusion – From the above figures, we can see the average business person in India earns ₹1400 per day. However, there is a business that makes ₹5000+ per day. Business is an excellent career if you want to earn a good income like online surveys for money. Although initially, many businesses fail, you won’t make that much immediately.

The business won’t be a good option if you urgently need money.

#2. Invest in Real Estate, Share Market, Cryptocurrency, etc

Investing is using your money to make money, channelizing your money into an asset that gives you a good return. It can be real estate, the share market, or cryptocurrency. Investing will only help you if you have savings to invest in and get good returns.

To invest, we have three options –

  1. Real Estate – In India, real estate is booming, so property rates might increase. Investing in real estate is worthwhile; To earn passive Income from your property, you can rent it.
  2. Share Market – Of course, India is a developing country. Hence its share market has a lot of potential and the ability to get good returns. However, you should only invest in the share market if you have a basic knowledge of how the share market works.
  3. Mutual Fund – If you don’t know much about the Share market, you can invest in Mutual funds. Mutual Fund houses hire experts to invest your money wisely to get good returns.
  4. Cryptocurrency – Crypto is a new form of investment; virtual money can be held digitally in a virtual wallet. Many experts believe crypto can replace paper money, as it is decentralized, universal, and environmentally friendly.

Earning potential – 

Here is the growth rate of different investment classes –

  1. Real Estate – 3.8% YoY (Year-on-Year) growth rate.
  2. Share Market – 10% returns can be expected if invested wisely.
  3. Cryptocurrency – Highly volatile (Depends on crypto coin)

Conclusion – Good returns on investment depends on the amount you have invested and in which asset class you have invested. You need 1.50 Lakhs per month from your investments to earn Rs 5000 per day.

#3. Content Creator 

YouTubers, TikTokers, Bloggers, Instagram Influencers, etc., are all called content creators. The content creator is another job that has the potential to make Rs 5000 a day. Content creators create content and post it on a social media platform. Their earnings mainly depend on the size of their audience –

  1. Nano Influencer (1k – 10k) – Approx ₹3,000 per post.
  2. Micro-Influencer (10k – 100k) – Approx ₹20,000 – ₹40,000 per post/campaign
  3. Macro Influencer (100k – 1 Million) – Approx ₹1,00,000 – per post/campaign
  4. Mega Influencer (More than 1 Million) – ₹4,00,000 or more – per post/campaign


These are just rough figures; there are many things involved that decide your pay. For example, the niche of your audience, view, engagement, purchasing power of your audience, leads you can generate, etc.

Earning Potential –

The primary income of content creators gets generated from brand deals, in which you have to promote a brand on your social media account; once you get a good number of a niche audience, you will get offers from brands.

Conclusion – To get Rs 5000 per day, you need to hit a million subscribers/followers and do 6-10 brand deals in a year to reach 18 LPA. You will require time to hit a million subscribers/followers, but if you love creating content, you should try it.

#4. Freelancing

Getting 18 LPA as a fresher in a traditional job is hard. So, if you are a fresher, freelancing is an excellent option to earn Rs 5000 per day. In freelancing, you often work with 2-3 or more employers, and working with more than one employer allows you to earn more.

How to start freelancing-

  1. To start freelancing, you need to identify your skillset, which you can offer your clients.
  2. You must create a profile on freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer.com, and LinkedIn.
  3. Start bidding on projects; once you get a project, complete it by a deadline.

Of course, there is a lot to learn, and you won’t get projects initially; you need to know how to write descriptions, bid, complete a project, etc.

Earning Potential –

Salaries reported chart

  1. Lowest Income – ₹1.2 LPA (328/day)
  2. Average Income – ₹4 LPA (1095/day)
  3. Above Average Income – ₹12 LPA (3287/day)

Source – Amitionbox

Conclusion – Freelancers can earn 18 LPA, but freelancers earn four lakhs – 12 lakhs per annum. So, for an average freelancer, freelancing alone won’t help you make ₹5000 per day; instead, you need to invest side-by-side. For example, you can invest in real estate and rent as a passive income or in shares and get dividends.

#5. Web Development/Software Development

A web developer or software developer are jobs that have the potential to make 18 LPA. Web/Software developers create websites, apps, and software for customers.

To be a developer, you should know how to code and learn programming languages like C++, Java, Python, etc. A web developer can work with a company or launch its software as a founder.

To learn to code either, you can join any computer institute or take online courses on Udemy, Skillshare, etc.

Earning potential – 

Salaries reported - How to Earn ₹5,000 Per Day

  1. Average web developer salary: ₹3 lakhs – 7 lakhs per annum.
  2. Average software developer salary: ₹4.8 lakhs – 13 lakhs per annum.
  3. Average senior software developer salary: ₹9.7 lakhs – ₹22 lakhs per annum.


Conclusion – On the above figures, we can see web developers get an average salary of 3-7 lakhs per annum, and software developers get up to ₹13 lakhs salary. However, to get ₹5000 per day, you need to be a senior software developer, requiring at least 5+ years of experience in the software development field.

#6. E-Commerce Business

As a matter of fact, E-commerce business is a business model where buyers and sellers come on the internet to buy or sell a product or service. Unlike traditional business, e-commerce business has some advantages, like –

  1. E-commerce businesses can sell its product or service worldwide.
  2. You can start an e-commerce business with low investment.
  3. Unlike traditional businesses, e-commerce businesses can target millions of buyers.

To start an e-commerce business, you must figure out the services or products you want to sell. Then, choose a platform where you will sell, like Amazon, Shopify, Flipkart, or on your website.

Earning Potential –

Your income as an eCommerce business owner depends on your revenue and profit margins. To make Rs 5000 per day as an eCommerce business owner, you need to have revenue of ₹1 Crore, with a net profit margin of 18%.

Conclusion – eCommerce businesses don’t have income limits to make at least Rs 5,000 per day in an eCommerce business; you should have a good profit margin and revenue.

#7. Be a CEO

CEO means Chief Executive Officer in an organization; the CEO is in the company’s top position and is responsible for implementing the company’s plans and policies, executing ideas, improving its financial strength, and setting future strategy.

The CEO isn’t a founder of the company; many companies, as they grow, appoint a CEO to execute the company’s plans.

A CEO should have good leadership, excellent team management, and communication skills; a CEO should have first-hand industry experience. Most importantly, a CEO should be trustworthy for investors and founders.

Earning potential – 


  1. Lowest salary for CEO – 3.2 Lakh per annum.
  2. Average salary – 29.4 Lakh per annum.
  3. Above average salary – 1.2 crore per annum.


Conclusion – The CEO is a top position in a company hierarchy. To be a CEO, you should be experienced and have good leadership qualities. In India, an average CEO earns ₹29 lakhs per annum, which is approx ₹8,000 per day.

#8. Coaching Consultancy

Coaching consultancy is the last one on our list of how to earn Rs 5000 per day.

Many organizations hire a coach to train their employees; it can be a business coach, personality development coach, communication coach, etc. These coaches help the company to achieve its pre-determined goals.

There are various types of consultants, like law, business, health, relationship, etc. To be a consultant, it is preferred to be certified by an Institute; other factors are also involved.

Read here how to be a Consultant in India

Earning Potential – 

Salaries Reported - How to Earn ₹5,000 Per Day

  1. Lowest – 3.5 Lakhs per Annum (₹958 per day)
  2. Average – 11 Lakhs per Annum (₹3,013 per day)
  3. Above Average – 22 Lakhs per Annum (₹6,027 per day)


Conclusion – From the above figure, we can see an above-average consultant earning ₹6000+ per day. However, to do so, you will require to be an expert in your work.

Summing Up – How to Earn Rs 5000 Per Day

That’s it for how to earn Rs 5000 per day in India. In this article, we have shared eight ways to make 5k per day in India. You might find some ways practical for you, and some may not. But we tried to base our suggestions on data and facts.

I hope you find this article helpful; You can comment on your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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