Best Ways to Earn 15000 in One Day

How to Earn 15000 in One day

As a matter of fact, Money is an essential resource to fulfill our desires and basic needs. Earning enough money gives you mental peace and financial freedom. This article is all about money. You’ll know some options to make more money and have a good income. We’ll answer how to earn 15000 in one day. We aren’t talking about lottery tickets or illegal methods, but legal methods to be wealthy.

Nothing mentioned in this article is a get-rich-quick-scheme; all the methods are genuine. Hence, you’ll be ready to work harder and stay consistent to achieve your income goals.

Let’s begin this article…

4 Best Ways to Earn ₹15,000 in One Day

1. Starting a Business

The business has an advantage over the job in that you don’t have a limit on your earnings. However, getting a job is much easier than starting a successful business. Many times, businesses fail as well.

According to Harvard research, over two-thirds of startups never give positive returns. That means more than two-thirds of new businesses aren’t earning profits.

Now, this isn’t to discourage you. Anyone can succeed in business if they have the right understanding. There are various factors involved in being a successful business, but one of the critical factors is a customer-centric approach.

10 characteristic successful business have in common

You’ll need time to take off your business and earn well.

Earning 15,000 a day means having an annual income of ₹5475000. It would be best if you had a mid-sized business to make 55 lakhs as a profit from the company. 

2. Freelancing & Earn 15000 in One Day

Another way to make good money is freelancing.

Freelancing means not being employed by one company or firm but instead working on contracts. Freelancing has the edge over traditional jobs because you are not bound to one company. Instead, you can work with five other firms.

Plus, you can negotiate your pay every time for contracts.

Although to make more money via freelancing, you need to work harder than a traditional employee. You must be good at time management as you work with five clients.

If you are new to freelancing, you will require 3-4 months to earn your first income. This is called the learning phase; you must learn everything from scratch. Like, as how to write a bio, working skills, where to create an account, how to communicate, etc.

Here is a roadmap –

Road to be successful freelancer - earn 15000 per day

A good thing about freelancing is all the profit is yours.

To earn up to 55 lakhs per annum, you will require 5-8 high-paying clients who can give you contracts of 8-12 lakhs per annum.

3. Investing

If you have good savings, you invest that amount to make money. Investing means allocating your money to assets to get returns or profit. To invest your money, here are some of the options –

    1. Mutual Funds and Stocks.
    2. Real estate.
    3. Gold, Silver, Diamond, and other precious metals.
    4. Bonds.
    5. Startup Funding.

These are some of the common investing methods.

Here, we will compare the returns or profits of different investing instruments.

Share Market –

It depends on the share you will invest; for example, if you bought HDFC bank shares on 19 July 2002 at ₹20.93, today’s value is ₹1591, its 76x returns. Of course, many stocks fail as well. I have picked a stock that has done well in the past 20 years.

HDFC Bank chart

In theory, to make 55 lakhs from HDFC bank stock, we need to invest ₹73,000 in stock and wait for 20 years. Obviously, you can speed up the process by investing more. It is not an investment recommendation.

Mutual Funds – 

We will choose HDFC bank’s Index fund for comparison (Index funds are the safest funds). You can see the return calculator below; if we have invested ₹1 lakh in this fund for three years, our returns will be ₹1,60,000 (approx).

To get a return of 55 lakhs, we need to invest approx ₹1 Crore to get a return of 60 lakhs in three years.

Mutual fund return calculator

Real Estate – 

Investing in real estate is great because you can build property and rent it to get passive income. You will get good returns if you get a property at a prime location. If you get a monthly rent of ₹4,50,000 for all your properties, your income will be approx ₹55 lakhs a year.

Gold & Other Investments – 

Gold and other investment - How to Earn 15000 in One Day


    1. Gold is 22 Carats: 1,000,000 – 1,084,000
    2. Silver: 1,000,000 – 880,000
    3. Mutual Fund (HDFC Index Fund): 1,000,000 – 1,060,000

Data comparison – 2021 vs 2022.

4. Getting a Job as CEO, CFO, MD, etc

CEO, CFO, MD, etc., are at an organization’s top-level positions. Hence their salaries are good. These are the top positions of the company. Therefore you require efforts to reach that position.

Here is an example of organizational hierarchy –

organizational hierarchy

    1. CEO – Chief Executive Offices (Heads execution of a company, head of an organization)
    2. CFO – Chief Financial Officer (Highest financial position in a company)
    3. COO – Chief Operational Officer (Head of company’s daily operations)
    4. CTO – (Chief Technical Officer (Responsible for technology development and work)
    5. MD – Managing Director (Supervisor of company’s operations) 

Let’s see faqs on How to Earn 15000 in One Day.

FAQs – How to Earn 15000 in One Day

1. How to Make ₹15,000 Per Month as a Student?

Being s student, you might have time to do something to make money. In India, various student jobs can help you make money while studying.

    1. Freelancer
    2. Assistant Tutor
    3. Part-time driver (Rapido, Ola, Uber)
    4. College jobs
    5. Starting a college startup
    6. Content creator – YouTuber, Instagram Influencer, etc
    7. Working part-time or as an intern

Many college students don’t prefer lower pay jobs, but earning independently is essential. Initially, it would be best if you started with low pay.

2. Can You Earn 15000 a Day from Stock Trading?

One can earn 15k daily from stock trading, but one can make a loss. Somedays, stock trading is profitable, and sometimes it’s not. Overall, stock trading is riskier; you should only invest an amount you can afford to lose.

3. How to Make Money Urgently?

Here are some of the urgent methods to earn money.

    1. Join paid survey sites – ySense, Swagbucks, Swagbucks, etc. Spend 2-3 hours on this survey app, and make money.
    2. Refer and earn apps – PhonePe, GooglePay, Upstox, Zerodha, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Refer and earn apps help you earn by referring the app to your friend. Read their T&C.
    3. Sell old stuff – You can sell the stuff you aren’t using, like your old phone, clothes, furniture, vehicle, etc.
    4. Sell old books – Selling old books to bookshops can help you; if you have school books, you can sell that to the new students.
    5. Stock trading – Stock trading helps you make money from the stock market in a day. However, you can lose your money as well. Only invest if you have complete knowledge of a stock.

That’s it for this ‘How to Earn 15000 in One Day’ article; I hope you find it helpful. Your questions are welcome in the comment sections; we will reply shortly.

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