How to Earn 100 Crores – 4 Legit Ways

How to Earn 100 Crores

How to Earn 100 Crores?

In theory, we’ve got many methods to help us earn 100 crores. But it is questionable how practical these methods are. However, you can make 100 crores if you are consistent, hardworking, high understanding of your field.

But the question is, why do you want to earn 100 crores?

    1. You want to fulfill all your desires.
    2. Else, you want respect from society.
    3. Or you want to prove yourself to someone.

If you have chosen any of the above, you can’t make 100 crores. If you want to be a billionaire (100 crores net worth), your motivation shouldn’t depend on external factors. Your goals shouldn’t rely on external factors.

Once the ‘why’ for being a billionaire is clear, let’s get into statistics.

How Many Billionaires Does India Have?

Billionaire is a person who has a 100 crore net worth (Net worth is an addition of all assets a person owns legally under their name, like Cash, Bank Balance, Property, Shares of a company, Gold, etc.)

In India, currently, 166 peoples are billionaires.

Many billionaires are self-made, and many of them are running their family businesses. Indian billionaires are mostly – Startup founders, businessmen, Investors, and Real-estate builders or have inherited wealth (Inherited wealth means the wealth of their forefathers transferred to their names.)

That means, in theory, you can be a billionaire through your job, but practically being a billionaire requires being a businessperson.

How to Earn 100 Crores – 4 Legit Ways

1. Startup Founder

startup founder - make 100 crores

In India, there have been various unicorn startups in recent years. Some of the top Startup unicorns are –

    1. Zerodha – Stock brokering startup.
    2. Lenskart – Eyewear company.
    3. Delhivery – Logistics company.
    4. Acko Insurance – Insurance provider.
    5. CoinDCX – Crypto trading platform.

A startup becomes a unicorn when its market value is over $1 billion (100 crores.) Market value means if you sold the company’s assets, including its goodwill, and trademarks, that value is Market value.

To earn 100 crores, you can be a startup founder; you must work hard until the startup becomes a Unicorn. You can sell your stake to have that 100 crores in your bank account.

2. Business Owner

Business Owner

There isn’t a significant difference between a startup and a business. The slight difference is that a business depends on its profit, while a startup depends on its valuation. Business is the more mature form of company.

Some of the successful businesses of India –

    1. The Tata Group
    2. Reliance Industries Limited
    3. Infosys
    4. HDFC Bank
    5. Aditya Birla Group

Being a businessperson doesn’t require a degree or certificate; you can start a business as you want. Read here – how to start a business.

3. Investor – To Earn 100 Crores

Investor - how to make 100 crores

An investor is a person that invests their money into an asset to generate profits or returns. An investment could be anything from the business, share market, real estate, gold, bonds, mutual funds, etc.

If you know how to invest your money into an asset to generate profits or returns, then you are an investor. It’s similar to being a businessman; you don’t require any degree or qualification to be an investor.

Some of the successful Investors (Indian) –

    1. Radhakishan Damani
    2. Ashish Dhawan
    3. Anupam Mittal
    4. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
    5. Raamdeo Agrawal

4. Real Estate Investor/Builder

Real estate investor/builder

Real estate investors or builders build buildings and work on real estate projects to sell or rent them to buyers. Many real estate companies build apartments, societies, and offices to rent them.

If you have a real estate experience or knowledge in a field, you can open a real estate firm and work on real estate projects or invest in them.

You’ll require many experts in this work, from engineers to managers. One must also work in this field to be successful as a firm.

Some of the successful real estate investors or builders –

    1. Rajiv Singh
    2. Mangal Prabhat Lodha and family
    3. Chandru Raheja and family
    4. Jitendra Virwani
    5. Vikas Oberoi

That’s it for this article; being a billionaire is possible for anyone; you need to be a master of your field. It won’t happen in a day; you will require consistent efforts to be what you want to be.

And upskilling yourself is the first step to starting your journey.

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