How To Download Aero WhatsApp 2021 | GB WhatsApp MOD | Risks and Benefits

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How To Download WhatsApp Hack 2021 Without Ban?

/ In Spanish Como Actualizar Whatsapp Aero 2021


Download WhatsApp Hack 20201

Download Whatsapp Hack 2021
GB WhatsApp, Aero Whatsapp Free to download here.

All of you might be heard about GB WhatsApp and other Modified WhatsApp hacks in which we can use many additional features.

You can hide from your WhatsApp contacts and can view status, chats, etc anonymously.  This is developed by Has.007.

^ Best Features of GB WhatsApp

1) You can also use many types of fonts in this app. The others can’t identify that you are using this app and everything will be normal.

2) We can use a single tick trick to make people believe that the message is still didn’t get delivered.

3) You can also set notifying alerts that will notify you when a friend changes their DP or comes online.

4) We can also broadcast six hundred messages at once to various contacts.

5) We will be able to send ninety images at once where we are allowed to send thirty in the default/ original version.

6) You can keep your online status 24/7 on even you turn off the internet.

7) We can use additional password protection

8) An offline Backing up option is available in this app. Unlike the original WhatsApp, there is only an online backup.

9) Also, there are no limits for uploading status.

10) You can directly save/ download for anyone WhatsApp status‘.

^ Download Aero WhatsApp Here Free[ Antiban Enabled]

Download WhatsApp Hack 2021

Link: Click here to download

Alternative link: WhatsApp Aero _whatsmodsapks [Direct Download]

Link to download the latest version of Aero WhatsApp: Aero WhatsApp v10.23 [Download Here].

^ Some useful factors of Aero WhatsApp

 Make sure you download these mods from official mod sites and other sites which may fake you.

This mod is developed by Hazar Bozkurt. And this got reviews by netizens as the best of all WhatsApp mods. This is faster than any of the others.

1) This latest version comes with an all-new interface

2) The main feature is that this mod is the completely anti-ban mod. So, there are no issues with using this app. No more worries about the account ban.

3) The mod works faster just like the official one with all additional features.

4) Without downloading any additional sticker packs or any other apps, this mod directly contains various types of stickers inbuilt.

5) The customized view of this mod is really magnificent and really looks cool.

6) If you forward something from one contact’s chat to others, we can hide that Forwarded tag simply. However, you can do it on no modded app too just by copying the message and send it.

7) We can upload status just like Instagram stories. This means they will look like them without any limits.

8) Transferring any type will never affect the quality and the size of the files won’t get reduced. The quality remains the same. But, in official one, the size and quality will get trimmed to pretend the app is fast sending shit.

9) The mode called DND makes the app look good and enhances everything in the app.

^ Disadvantages of WhatsApp Aero

Coming to the risks of this mod, just like we expected it won’t follow the privacy guidelines of Google Play Store and that’s the reason why this app isn’t on Play Store.

1) Chance of being a victim of spyware. Our whole WhatsApp databases including chats, calls, etc may get. Spied. (Because this is an unofficial app and all data is not encrypted).

2) This mod may also contain malware and other risky stuff which may affect your device performance. (There will be many activities running when you have this mod installed on your device).

3) And also, this app runs on the source code of the official WhatsApp. So, if there is any detection that you are using a modified app by officials, your WhatsApp number can be banned permanently.

4) The developer mentioned that WhatsApp Aero is with the Anti-ban system which would never get detected. But, still, if there is any leak or exploitation, it will be a risk factor for our WhatsApp account.

So, you can try this app with the number which not vital and additional.

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