How to download valorant on a different drive?

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Valorant is an unlimited single-person shooting game for Microsoft Office originally invented by Riot Games.

A game called Project A was announced for the first time in October 2019. There is a limited period of availability for the closed beta phase that began on April 7, 2020. In the end, An official announcement was made on June 2 of the current year. By following this article, you can easily learn how to download Valorant on a different drive.

Valorant is a successful web first-person shooter game. Because the program uses complex visuals, it takes up a lot of storage on your computer. As a result, players may download the game to a different drive, folder, or USB. For players, this position can become a complicated and challenging subject. Let’s see how to download Valorant on a different drive, computer, or folder.

Ways of downloading Valorant on a different drive

There are then two ways to install Valorant on additional drivers’ PCs or even on different SSD.

The simplest method is to delete the game from the opening drive. Then reinstall the game on the new drive. Unfortunately, the existing system takes too long to complete, which is very time-consuming.

The second method to install the game by moving the game from wherever you want is to modify some game files. You can cut the Valorant and move Valorant after applying this process explained below. Along with this, play the game without encountering any errors: Let’s jump into the steps to download Valorant on the various drive.

  • Click “Disk C” and open its files to the “Program-data” file and enter it.
  • If the “Program Data” category is not visible, select the options and select “Show hidden items.
  • Click on the “Riot Games” section and activate its program.

Steps to download valorant

  • Using Word, the desktop opens the Valorant and riot client” folder.
  • From Here, change the original links with the new ones.
  • Save the file. Finally, now you are to download Valorant on your drive.
  • Then, In the Riot Game folder, click on “Metadata”.
  • Go to the riot client folder and open it.

Steps to download valorant

  • Use the word file to open the “ settings. YAML” folder.

Steps to download valorant

  • Replace the path in the “product install full path” and “product install root” sections.

Steps to download valorant

  • Now save this document.

Hence, you can easily download Valorant on your drive by following these steps. You can also check out our step-by-step guide to playing split-screen Fortnite.


You’ll be able to completely install Valorant to another drive, folder, or PC after following the steps explained above.


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