How to Download Pinterest Videos in simple steps 2022

How to Download Pinterest Videos

How to simply Save Pinterest Images?

Pinterest is the best image and video pins site with all topics. You can check out the highest quality images and videos of your favorite things and people in the highest HD quality. You can also find the artworks of various talented artists here. So, Pinterest allows you to download any image either on a website or app simply just by click the Download option. Check out the process of downloading images simply.

Step-1): Firstly, you can open the Pinterest App or Website and select the image you want to download.

Step-2): Then you can click on the options tab at the left top.

Step-3): Then, click on the download option. That’s it, the photo will be saved to your gallery within no time.

You can also share, save the pictures in albums. All people around the world can also view the photos that you saved as pins.

Pinterest will send you emails daily about your pins and the media you may like. In that process, you will also get videos in here.

But the thing is, we can’t download those videos directly from the Pinterest website or app.

So, we have to find a way to download that thing.

Here we go,

How to Download Pinterest Videos Simply.

Of course, You can download the Pinterest videos by the following steps.

1st Step: First of all, go to the video that you want to download and click on the three dots at the top left of the screen.

2nd Step: Then, click on Copy Link.

3rd Step: Now, go to the Pinterest downloader like

4th Step: Paste the link in the dialogue box and you will get the video in the external video player.

5th Step: Simply, click on three dots on an external player and click on download.

Also, know the best tricks of Pinterest to gain popularity of your talents and your business.

If you have a business like a designer keychain or t-shirts, you can upload your works on Pinterest as pins, and then, you will get good popularity and orders around from the world.

Also, create a blog for your business and post the link here. Add action to call and order button with a good design.

It’s really simple to get more potential customers and views on Pinterest rather than Instagram and Facebook and all. So, here I have listed a few Pinterest Marketing Tips 2022 for free.


Pinterest Download Videos







1) Always post the images daily.

2) write some good content and the keywords with the pins you post daily.

3) Create an attractive them on the profile page.

4) Save the best pins and open the privacy up to the public. So, many others find your pins helpful.

5) Post informative photos and videos of good quality.

6) Use the pin most suitable and relevant hashtags, titles with your posts.

7) Create the long-tail content. Because Pinterest is a future demand platform.

8) Rename the photo with a relevant keyword before uploading it. (It will be regarded as a caption or it’s a title)

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