How To Douche With A Water Bottle {DIY}


Anal and vaginal douching before intercourse is a good choice. Here is the DIY for the douching in lack of the proper equipment. You can follow this DIY step by step for proper douching.

Anal douching DIY

Anal douching is a work that everyone is familiar with. This is the anal cleaning process before anal sex. However proper equipment is available on the market for the douching process. In some cases, you might require that in a hurry. Like maybe your partner suddenly calls for anal sex. At that moment you will not be able to arrange the douching equipment. So today I will tell you how to douche with a water bottle.

Need for douching

It is not a necessary process before anal sex. But if you consider doing this it will be better.

  • Anal douching helps in preventing the infection that can occur during the coitus.
  • It also helps in preventing the backflow of the faeces.
  • Prevents odour.
  • Painless penetration

All the above benefits make sense the use of douching before the coitus. Not only anal but vaginal douching is also done by some people. Vaginal douching helps in cleaning the vagina after menstruation and it makes the coitus more clean and pleasurable.

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DIY for anal douching with a water bottle

Want to know how to douche with a water bottle? Here is a very easy and homemade solution for quick douching. Follow the steps.

Material required

Before getting started prepare the following materials.

  • Empty water bottle
  • Nozzle
  • Soap
  • Warm water
  • Lube

All these things can be easily available at the home. So there is no need for you to be concerned about the materials.


  • Use a water bottle with soft plastic. Do not take soda or any other kind of soft drink bottle. Empty the bottle.
  • The second step is cleaning and it is very important. Add soap to the warm water to clean the plastic bottle. Remember to clean well otherwise it will cause infection in the anal area.
  • Now fill the bottle with water. Do not use warm water. Use normal water and distilled water.
  • Fit the nozzle on the top of the water bottle. Make sure that it fits tightly and does not come apart during the process.
  • Insert the nozzle into the anus and squirt. Now, this is a very important step. Most problems happen at this step. Always use some lube before inserting the nozzle into the anus. Squirt until the clean water starts coming out.

You can stop doing this once the water starts coming clean from the anus. Usually, this process takes around 10 to 15 min.

Precautions and aftercare

Remember do not do douching more than 2 times a week because it will cause problems for you If you repeat this frequently. Also do not repeat twice in a day.

The after-care includes washing and waiting. Take a shower and wait for one hour. People usually wait an hour or two before the anal; coitus. It gives time for the remaining liquid to come out. However, this is not necessary. It completely depends upon you whether you want to stop for some time or not.

In conclusion, anal and vaginal douching is a good thing and it shows the hygiene level of the other person. But do not exceed things, do this under the limit.

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