How To Do Dick Ratings {A Guide}

How To Do Dick Ratings {A Guide}

Of course, A dick rating is judging a penis based on numerous factors. And a dick rater is usually a sex worker. They judge and give their opinion and ratings about a penis. If you are using OnlyFans, this rating will be essential for you. But sometimes men do this to boost their confidence. The reason could be anything for doing the dick rating. Here is how to do dick ratings. If you want to do this as a job and earn some money from this then you should know how to do this properly.

This guide will help you in knowing the secrets for dick ratings. If you haven’t done this before then you do not have to worry. Because after reading this you will be able to do this very easily. 

Table of Contents

Types of cock rating

First, you have to understand different types of dick ratings. Every type has a different price. Some dick ratings are expensive while some are cheap.

  1. Written dick ratings are the cheapest. Here someone will send a picture of their dick and you have to send them a written evaluation. The written evaluation could be through message and letter.
  2. Voice review, here you will have to send an invoice massage to the person with an evaluation of their dock.
  3. Video dick review is one of the most expensive dick reviews. You have to give a detailed review of the dick by seeing the dick through a video. Here you have to be genuine and you can not take your words back.

Tips to do dick rating

Here are the things that you have to look for in a dick. And based on these things you have to give your perspective. Rember that give a genuine rating to a dick. And you have to explain every factor to the customer. Here are the factors that you will look at in dick to evaluate.

  1. Size of a dick
  2. The shape of a dick
  3. The appearance of the dick
  4. Hygiene of the dick

Your opinion should be based on these factors collectively. So size is not the only determining factor to rate a dick. There are other essential factors too. 

Tips to become a good dick reader

Here are some tips that you can use to become a good dick reader. If you will use these then you can earn some extra money with this work. The price of the dick reading will depend on your experience. 

  • Make sure that you always give a detailed explanation about the dick.
  • Do not fake things and give reviews about your genuine feelings.
  • If you are giving reviews through video then try not to make faces. So remain calm and straight face with the client.


In conclusion, here is everything about How to do dick ratings. If you have experience then you will be able to do this more accurately. But here is the guide for beginners. If you will follow all these then you will be able to give genuine dick ratings to the other person.

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